Pocket Dictionary of Church History, By Nathan P. Feldmeth
Pocket Dictionary of Church History
  • Length: 151 pages
  • Dimensions: 4.25 × 7 in
  • Published: September 29, 2008
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
  • Item Code: 2703
  • ISBN: 9780830827039

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Studying church history is like learning your genealogy, with ample helpings of family recipes, scandalous disputes, inspiring heroes, quirky uncles and scrapbooks of photos thrown in. Someone needs to point out what's important and remind you of the facts as you learn to tell the story on your own.

The Pocket Dictionary of Church History is designed to help students identify the people, places, events, movements and ideas that checker the story of the church through the ages. Among the three-hundred-plus definitions you'll find

  • terms, from ad fontes to via media
  • leaders and theologians, from Abelard to Zwingli
  • "isms," from Arminianism to Unitarianism
  • places and events, from the Azusa Street Mission to the White Horse Inn
  • councils, from Nicaea to Vatican II

Here is an indispensable glossary, the perfect companion to your study and reading of church history.

Designed for students and pastors alike, the short and accessible volumes in the IVP Pocket Reference Series will help you tackle the study of biblical languages, church history, apologetics, world religions, Christian spirituality, ethics, theology, and more.

"A comprehensive solid reference to well over three hundred terms that the Church frequently uses, with their definitions and their history. An ideal quick reference."

James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review, February 2009

"Highly recommended."

Chris Reeves, Truth Magazine, August 2009

"This little volume is small in size only. There are over 300 terms defined in this book. It is a quick reference to key people in church history such as Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin and a host of other major players. You can get a bird's-eye view without having to do long and arduous research. These books are affordable and to one who teaches, they are a handy quick reference."

Charles Dunahoo, equip, issue one, 2009

"A Bible study resource that I can recommend for many reasons. The dictionary is small and easy to fit on a book shelf. It is of course economical. Church history is an interesting and important subject for any Christian who wants to understand the church: where it has been, and where it is going. Thanks Dr. Feldmeth, for giving the people in the pews an easy to use resource for getting a handle on that!"

Joan Tyvoll, 1340mag Books (1340magbooks.com), April 2009

"This is simple a great little resource for seminary students or really anyone who has at least a passing interest in becoming aquainted with some of the foundational figures, events and theological terms in the history of the church."

Norman Jeune III, Christians in Context (christiansincontext.org), November 17, 2008

"Impressive. The artivles have a comprehensive view of church history touching on all the major traditions and denominations. Dates and essential content are conveyed in readable, clear prose. For a small source, the research and arrangement are very impressive. Anyone needing to take account of persons, movements, events and doctrines will find good material in the Pocket Dictionary."

InternetMonk, (www.internetmonk.com), October 29, 2008




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Nathan P. Feldmeth

Nathan Feldmeth is associate dean for extended education and assistant professor of church history at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He has contributed articles to InterVarsity Press's New Dictionary of Theology, Dictionary of Christianity in America, and Dictionary of Major Biblical Interpreters.