In a career that spans thirty years, Michael Card has recorded over thirty-one albums, authored, or coauthored over twenty-four books, hosted a radio program, and written for a wide range of magazines. An award-winning musician and performing artist, he has penned such favorites as "El Shaddai," "Immanuel," and countless other songs. Expanding his ministry beyond music by authoring numerous books, he is now best known and most appreciated for the meticulous biblical study that supports the themes and lyrics of his creative compositions.

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Books from Michael

In the Biblical Imagination Series, Michael invites readers to read his devotional commentary of the gospels alongside inspiring original music. With a book and music CD for each Gospel account, this set will help you discover the biblical text for yourself, recapturing your imagination with the beauty and power of Christ. 

Michael Card

In the final book, John: The Gospel of Wisdom, Michael shows how John fills out our picture of Jesus' divine identity, with stories and sayings of Jesus not recorded by the other Gospel writers.

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Michael Card

A Better Freedom explores the biblical imagery of slavery as a metaphor for Christian discipleship. Michael shows how the early church saw Greco-Roman slavery as a window into understanding Jesus both as the Savior who took on the form of a slave, but also the true Lord and Master who sets us free from our own slavery to sin.

Music from Michael

In this collection of songs inspired by the Gospel of John, Michael provides an extended musical meditation on the wisdom of Jesus. 

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Listen to "This Is Who You Are"

This live recording brings together many of Michael's most memorable songs, from "Known by the Scars" to "Love Crucified Arose" in an extended musical meditation on the mystery of the cross. This live session is an essential companion to Michael's book A Violent Grace.