Opening to God

Opening to God

Lectio Divina and Life as Prayer

by David G. Benner

Opening to God
  • Length: 180 pages
  • Published: September 03, 2010
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Most Christians want to experience spiritual transformation. But many are frustrated by the limited progress of our spiritual self-improvement efforts. We find our praying burdened by a sense of obligation and failure.

But prayer is not merely something we do; prayer is what God does in us. Prayer is not just communication with God; it is communion with God. As we open ourselves to him, God does the spiritual work of transformation in us.

Spiritual director David Benner invites us to discover openness to God as the essence of prayer, spirituality and the Christian life. Prayer is far more than saying words to God; all of life can be prayer when offered to God in faith and with openness. Using the four movements of lectio divina, Benner explores prayer as attending, pondering, responding and being. Along the way he opens us to a world of possibilities for communion with God: praying with our senses, with imagination, with music and creativity, in contemplation, in service and much more.

Learn how prayer can be a way of living your life. Move beyond words to become not merely someone who prays, but someone whose entire life is prayer in union with God.


Preface Transforming Openness to God
1 More Than You Can Imagine
2 Preparing for the Divine Encounter
3 Lectio Divina and Four Classic Prayer Paths
4 Prayer as Attending
5 Prayer as Pondering
6 Prayer as Responding
7 Prayer as Being
8 Life as Prayer, Prayer as Life
9 Transformational Prayer

David G. Benner

David G. Benner (PhD, York University) is an internationally known depth psychologist, transformational coach, and author whose life passion has been helping people walk the human path in a deeply spiritual way and the spiritual path in a deeply human way. Some of his books include Presence and Encounter, Spirituality and the Awakening Self, Sacred Companions, and Soulful Spirituality.

BY David G. Benner

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