Marriage at the Crossroads

Marriage at the Crossroads

Couples in Conversation About Discipleship, Gender Roles, Decision Making and Intimacy

by Aída Besançon Spencer, William David Spencer, Steven Tracy, and Celestia Tracy

Marriage at the Crossroads
  • Length: 232 pages
  • Published: April 27, 2009
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2890-6
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Have you ever wondered how egalitarian and complementarian marriages play out differently on a day-to-day level?

In this unique book Aída and William Spencer and Steve and Celestia Tracy, two couples from the differing perspectives of egalitarianism and soft complementarianism, share a constructive dialogue about marriage in practice. They cover a variety of topics like marriage discipleship, headship and submission, roles and decision-making, and intimacy in marriage. Also included are responses from three additional cultural frameworks: North American Hispanic, Korean American and African American.

Whether you're still working out your views on marriage or have found an approach you're comfortable with, this book will help you better understand the two perspectives on the ground level. While the theological starting points are different, you may be surprised to see the degree of convergence on practical issues as the dialogue unfolds.

"At last we've been given a sane, nuanced, thoughtful conversation around differing viewpoints on gender issues in marriage. This book will help all Christians come to a deeper appreciation of the miracle of marriage as God intended it. The glory of marriage--in spite of the pitfalls--shines through virtually every page."

Alice P. Mathews, Ph.D., Lois W. Bennett Distinguished Emerita Professor of Educational Ministries and Women's Ministries, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"This dialogue between professional scholar-ministers who are also couples living in exemplary marriages is incredibly helpful because they show theologically and personally the similarities and differences between complementarians and egalitarians. Because they dialogue respectfully as friends, the clear presentation of their similarities and differences is all the more helpful. It's a must-read for scholars who want to explore theology and exegesis, pastors and counselors who want to do better marital counseling, and people who need examples for more Christ-honoring marriages."

Gerry Breshears, professor of theology, Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon

"The book offers many valuable ideas and concepts that can be utilized by pastors and counselors who guide couples in life together in discipleship to Jesus."

Woodrow E. Walton, The Pneuma Review, Summer 2010



1. Marriage and Being Disciples of Jesus
2. "Headship" and Submission
3. Marriage Roles and Decision Making
4. Marriage and Intimacy
5. Responses from Three Couples:
Marriage for a North American Hispanic Couple (Wanda R. and Robert W. Pazmiño)
Marriage for a Korean American Couple (Matthew D and Sarah S. Kim)
Marriage for an African American Couple (Darin and Vicki Poullard)
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