Made to Flourish: Beyond Quick Fixes to a Thriving Organization, By Shelley G. Trebesch
Made to Flourish
  • Length: 208 pages
  • Dimensions: 6 × 9 in
  • Published: November 03, 2015
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 4440
  • ISBN: 9780830844401

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Every organization is made to flourish. But when problems arise, quick fixes and poor leadership training can drag it down.

The key to a thriving team is to look below the surface at the hidden dynamics that can cause it to lose focus, turn inward or even cease to exist. Budget problems, personality conflicts, mission drift, government regulations—all these and more can tempt us to respond rapidly and superficially.

Shelley Trebesch offers leaders the tools needed to develop practical solutions that actually work. She provides a model for getting a firm hold on the complexities inherent in any team. Diagrams help readers visualize key dynamics while vivid case studies illustrate how to put the book into practice.

Here is the book that gives churches, NGOs, mission agencies, parachurch groups, other nonprofits, businesses and teams within these groups what they need. Trebesch charts the path to the life-giving, holistic, fruitful abundance that God intended for organizations and everyone in them.

"Made to Flourish provides valuable insights and direction for any organization or church that longs to have a robust, flourishing ministry. Trebesch brings to bear her wealth of experience and research to provide clear, simple concepts for organizational leaders to reflect, evaluate and implement change leading to a flourishing organization. The ecology of organizations model provides a systemic roadmap to develop not just a flourishing organization, but an organization with a life-changing purpose. This book is a must for every organizational leader!"

Geri Rodman, president, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada

"Shelley Trebesch has a rare gift—she is able to combine her understanding of the technical, academic grasp of this great subject with the practical application she has shared with companies small and large. She empowers readers to be in the right conversations, asking the right questions in order the find the right solutions for their journeys. This is most helpful when theories swirl around without being anchored in the daily trenches of leadership."

Chris Wienand, copastor, Mercy Town Church, president, Genesis Collective, catalyst, The Global Project

"Made to Flourish is a powerful handbook for thoughtful organizational leaders who care about results and building environments where people thrive. Trebesch does a masterful job presenting solutions for leaders to lead people well through any change or organization development initiative."

Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado, president and CEO, Compassion International

"Made to Flourish brings clarity and understanding to the mysteries and complexity of organizational leadership. It is written with simplicity and a fine combination of leadership and organizational theory, blended with rich case studies in the contemporary context to illustrate how flourishing organizations can be developed. A thought-provoking book that will encourage leaders to transform organizations beyond the quick fixes."

Patrick Fung, general director, OMF International

"Organizations are made to flourish, yet too many languish due to a lack of understanding. Shelley Trebesch gives us of years of wisdom by introducing us to a dynamic, holistic, practical and time-tested tool that she calls the ECO model. She makes the complex comprehensible. I'll be using this tool in my work with church planters."

JR Woodward, author of Creating a Missional Culture


1. A Vision to Flourish
2. Languishing or Flourishing? Predicting the Ripple-Effects of Change
3. The ECO Model at Work
4. Flourishing People
5. DNA: The Life Force of Flourishing Organizations
6. Putting Your DNA to Work
7. The Discipline of Flourishing—Organization and Capacity Development
8. Making Organization Development Work for You
9. The Ecosystem of Flourishing—Culture
10. Making Culture Work for You
11. The Ecosystem of Flourishing—Structure
12. The Nuts and Bolts of Structure
13. The Future of Flourishing—Innovation and Entrepreneurs
14. Flourishing: A Daily Reality
15. One Organization's Story
16. Flourishing Organizations
Appendix 1: Technical Aspects of Flourishing
Appendix 2: Flourishing Developmental Assessment Tool

Shelley G. Trebesch

Shelley G. Trebesch (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) has served as vice president for capacity development for Prison Fellowship International, assistant professor of leadership and organization development in the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, and in Singapore as global director for Membership Development for OMF International. An active consultant, trainer, and seminar leader, Trebesch has facilitated complex change processes and developed leadership curricula for churches and organizations around the world. Among these are InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Frontiers, National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia, Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Evangelical Association of Chinese Churches, Urbana, Oasis International, Children's Hunger Fund, Prison Fellowship International, Pioneers International, and TEAM International. She is the author of Isolation: A Place of Transformation in the Lives of Leaders.