Little Prayers for Ordinary Days, By Tish Harrison Warren and Flo Paris Oakes and Katy Bowser Hutson
Little Prayers for Ordinary Days
  • Length: 32 pages
  • Dimensions: 6 × 6 in
  • Published: May 31, 2022
  • Imprint: IVP Kids
  • Item Code: A0339
  • ISBN: 9781514003398

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From the moment we awake in the morning until we go back to bed, every day is filled with ordinary moments that allow us to connect with God.

Little Prayers for Ordinary Days is a collection of short prayers for children to pray in the midst of their day: on the way to school, after seeing a friend, when noticing a bird in the tree, or looking at the stars, or during any of their comings and goings.

This collection of simple prayers, accompanied by winsome and playful art, will bring delight to readers of all ages. Intended as a faith formation tool for Christian families to use together, this book is perfect for parents who want to incorporate liturgy and prayer into their family discipleship and home life.

Share these prayers with the children you love and help them to begin to recognize the nearness of God.

"Little Prayers for Ordinary Days is an invitation from cover to cover. Each prayer invites children to step into their everyday life with God, which includes moments of gladness and sadness. We are reminded through clever verse and reflective images that all childhood experiences are ripe for connection with God. Children who begin with these prayers will not end with them but will use them as steppingstones to their ongoing conversational relationship with God. I recommend this book for all who need a reminder that God is with them throughout their ordinary days."

Lacy Finn Borgo, spiritual director and author of Spiritual Conversations with Children

"Little Prayers for Ordinary Days is a truly wonderful book of prayers for children. A beautiful gift is kept inside its pages. These authors know every ordinary moment becomes extraordinary when we remember the Lord. And as parents help their children through these simple prayers, they will find their own refreshment and wise perspective for varied moments such as Looking in the Mirror, Waiting, and When I Do What I Shouldn't."

Randall Goodgame, president and founder of Slugs and Bugs

"Little Prayers for Ordinary Days is an absolute gift of color and language and wonder. This book is full of treasures. There are precious prayers to pray with your children, but these prayers also did such good for my own adult heart. Do not miss the gift that is this book. It will be a blessing to any family and home."

Ellie Holcomb, singer-songwriter

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