A Program for Libraries

Library Select is an automatic shipment program that allows libraries to customize book orders for academic libraries. Customizing your list by line allows you to meet the needs of diverse students, faculty, and staff.

Library Select ships you single copies of pre-selected books from your choice of the following IVP lines: IVP Academic, IVP Books, IVP Kids, Formatio, and Praxis. These shipments are delivered monthly at a 45% discount.

How It Works

With Library Select, your library will receive:

  • A 45% discount on every shipment with the option to order additional copies at your 45% discount.
  • Automatic shipment of your chosen IVP lines every month, with the option to automatically receive multiple copies of lines such as Reference.
  • FREE postage and handling on each automatic shipment.
  • A thirty-day review and return privilege: return any book(s) with thirty days of receipt to receive full credit.
  • The freedom to cancel your enrollment in the program at any time.

Choose By Line

When you enroll your library in the Library Select program, you will receive pre-selected books from as many IVP lines as you choose.

Knowing God

IVP Books include all the trusted classics and fresh titles you've come to expect from InterVarsity Press.

An Introduction to the New Testament

IVP Academic publishes books and reference works to facilitate broader conversations that are taking place in the academy and the church.

Saint Nicholas the Giftgiver

IVP Kids books engage, challenge, and delight young readers through story and illustration that pack big biblical values into kid-sized pages.

Canoeing the Mountains

Praxis brings together theory and practice for church leaders, utilizing sound biblical principles to address the challenges of contemporary ministry.

The Road Back to You

Formatio follows the rich tradition of the church in the journey of spiritual formation.

Enroll Now

Complete the form below to enroll in the Library Select program. For questions regarding shipping or returns, please call the IVP Customer Contact Center at 1-800-843-9487.