LeadershipNext: Changing Leaders in a Changing Culture, By Eddie Gibbs


Changing Leaders in a Changing Culture

by Eddie Gibbs

  • Length: 237 pages
  • Published: August 02, 2005
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3283
  • ISBN: 9780830832835

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  • Voted "Best Outreach Leadership Training Finalist" in the Third Annual Year's Best Outreach Resources for 2005

Our culture is constantly changing, often faster than we can adapt to it. Christian leaders struggle not only to acquire new skills and insights but also to unlearn what they already know. As both the church and the world change, so too must Christian leaders and their very notions of leadership.

Veteran church growth expert Eddie Gibbs maps out how Christian leadership must change in light of new global realities. Styles of leadership are changing, from hierarchies to networks and from compartmentalization to connectivity. Gibbs assesses the dynamics of leadership teams, identifies healthy leadership traits, and looks to how new leaders are identified and developed. This incisive analysis is a comprehensive resource for current and emerging leaders serving in churches, parachurch organizations and beyond.

"One generation of leadership looks at another--from experience to emergence. Eddie Gibbs brings experience and scholarship to understanding changing church culture and younger church leaders."

Leith Anderson, pastor, Wooddale Church, and author of Leadership That Works

"Eddie Gibbs is a wise and seasoned observer of the church throughout the world. He has worked with and trained several generations of leaders across all denominational boundaries and many cultural contexts. This book identifies the challenges confronting leaders in a rapidly shifting world. With a passion for the kingdom and a love for the church, Eddie outlines a way forward for leaders in a complex and swiftly shifting world. This is an important and helpful book."

Alan Roxburgh, President, Missional Leadership Institute

"No matter what time period or culture we are in, there is always a need for leadership. However, how we lead does change depending on the people, the place, and the culture and values. In our emerging culture, we need to rethink many aspects of leadership in our churches. This book gives great insight on how to do that."

Dan Kimball, author of The Emerging Church, and pastor of Vintage Faith Church

"Eddie Gibbs has done it again! First he helped see the church of the future with ChurchNext and now he shows us the kind of leadership necessary to bring that church into being. LeadershipNext is nothing short of a primer on leadership. I fully intend to absorb its content because now I have a blueprint to live into."

Greg Ogden, executive pastor of discipleship, Christ Church of Oak Brook, and author of Discipleship Essentials and Transforming Discipleship

"Eddie Gibbs has God's heart for our hurting world, and a tactician's head for winning the war for souls on the frontline in the materialistic West. He is absolutely right: it is a new day demanding fresh ways to talent-spot, mentor and release the missional leaders needed for the apostolic work Jesus has left to his church. Young apostles arise! Older leaders, treasure and release your Timothys to their harvest duties! The Lord of the harvest has given them the help and strength of the Holy Spirit!"

Brian Dodd, author of Empowered Church Leadership

"LeadershipNext tells it like it is. It's a great resource for leaders who want to be both biblical and adaptable to the culture. I especially recommend it to any pastor who is starting out or burning out in ministry."

Sarah Sumner, associate professor of ministry and theology, Haggard School of Theology, Azusa Pacific University, author, Men and Women in the Church

"LeadershipNext: Changing Leaders in a Changing Culture by Eddie Gibbs is a book to be placed in the hands of every young leader with the words 'Walk in the light of Eddie's words and you will work effectively and not go off the path.' I've known and profited from a friendship with Eddie for twenty years; he is a competent guide to effective ministry in contemporary society."

Todd Hunter, President, Alpha USA

"LeadershipNext serves as an informative and comprehensive tool for pastors, seminarians, and lay persons that are intentional in regard to their pursuit of fresh perspectives of church growth."

Parnell M. Lovelace, Great Commission Resurgence Journal, Summer 2010

This incisive analysis is a comprehensive resource for current and emerging leaders serving in churches, parachurch organizations and beyond.

PastorBookShelf.com, August 14, 2007


Introduction: Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
1. Redefining Leadership
2. Why Leadership Styles Must Change
3. Leaders Passionate About the Great Commission
4. What's Different?
5. Team Building
6. Leadership Traits
7. Activities of Leadership
8. Leadership Attitudes
9. Facing the Cost of Leadership
10. Leadership Emergence and Development
Author Index
Subject Index


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Eddie Gibbs

Eddie Gibbs is senior professor in the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, and a senior adviser to the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology and the Arts. His seminars for church leaders about leadership in the emerging church have been held in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Australia, South Africa, and around the United States. Gibbs has also written several books, including Good News Is for Sharing, Ten Growing Churches, In Name Only, ChurchNext, LeadershipNext, and (with Ryan Bolger) Emerging Churches.