Journal Keeping: Writing for Spiritual Growth, By Luann Budd

Journal Keeping

Writing for Spiritual Growth

by Luann Budd

Journal Keeping
  • Length: 190 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.25 in
  • Published: January 29, 2002
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 2337
  • ISBN: 9780830823376

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Would you like to journal, but you're not sure how to start?

Do you love to journal, but need some fresh ideas?

Here's a book to help you discover (or recover) the power of writing as a spiritual discipline.

In these pages you'll find intriguing and encouraging insights on topics like "ordinary things," "discovery journaling," "drawing from another's well" and "dialogue journaling with Scriptures."

In each brief chapter, Luann Budd draws on her own life and writing. She shows how to put each of her ideas into practice. And she provides additional inspiration and examples from significant men and women throughout history who have journaled.

Read this book to discover the transforming power of journal keeping!

"Journal Keeping: Writing for Spiritual Growth is filled with motivation and practical, creative tools that will challenge people to journal their way into a deep and vibrant intimacy with Jesus Christ. I am truly blessed to know Luann and the authenticity of her writings; what a joy to see it finally in print for others to learn and glean from."

Shirley Barber, director of women's ministries, Peoples Church, Fresno, California

"As a 'journaler' and also as one who conducts spiritual renewal workshops on journaling, I find Budd's book to be an excellent road map for our Christian journey, guiding our jottings as we weave in and out of 'traffic'--most all of the stuff that makes up our daily life under God."

Ron Lagerstrom

"Deep calls to deep! Journal Keeping helps bridge the disconnection between our outer life and our inner life through the practice of reflective writing. Budd's approach is winsome and disarmingly honest as she gently invites us to discover how God works with the 'real stuff of our life' through the adventure of journaling. Rather than rigid rules or strict guidelines, Budd's profound insights will persuade even the skeptics among us to pick up their pens!"

Marty Russell, adjunct professor, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

"Budd has captured the magic and mystery of writing. Her book makes me want to stop reading--and write!"

Neil Sunukjian, director of women's ministries, First Evangelical Free Church (Fullerton, California)

"Budd helps us all think outside the box, and form new, fresh and innovative journaling habits that will help bring clarity to life and intimacy with God. We highly recommend this book, because it will help renew your hope each day, even long after you are finished reading its pages."

Bill and Pam Farrel, authors and codirectors of Masterful Living




Part 1: Exploring the Possibilities
1. Why? An Invitation to Write
2. Getting Organized: Considering the Possibilities
3. Steppingstones: Principles to Follow
4. J Strokes: Staying the Course
5. Return: Revisit Your Journal
6. Pearls and Snakeskins: Our Preparations
7. Honesty: Our Commitment
8. Intimacy: Our Goal

Part 2: Uncovering the Process
9. A Best Friend: Discovering Our True Feelings
10. Three Lights: Discovering the Voice of God
11. Fingerprints: Discovering the Lord in Nature
12. Eyes Wide Open: Discovering God in the Usual
13. Go West! Discovering New Insight
14. Toward Reconciliation: Discovering the Grace to Forgive
15. Treasuring and Celebrating: Discovering the Value of Remembering
16. Seasoned with Salt: Discovering How to Make the Most of Each Opportunity
17. A Taste of Honey: Enjoying the Lord
18. In Our Own Voice: Enjoying the Scriptures
19. Brushstrokes: Enjoying a Story
20. Experience the Beauty: Enjoying Poetry
21. Beyond Words: Enjoying Artistic Touches
22. Insight: Writing to Learn from an Author
23. Integration: Writing to Think and Synthesize
24. Approach: Writing to Invite the Word of God In
25. Reflection: Writing to Walk into the Scriptures
26. Dialogue Journaling: Writing to Respond to God's Word

Part 3: Venturing Out
27. Attic Gold: The Art of Letter Writing
28. A Gathering Place: Keeping a Writer's Notebook
29. Spiritual Hypothermia: When We Can't
30. On a Ledge: Risk Develops Faith

Appendix 1: Fifty Journaling Possibilities
Appendix 2: Bible Studies
Appendix 3: Books of Interest



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Luann Budd

Luann Budd has taught writing at San Jose State University. She is the chair of the board of the network of evangelical women in ministry ( and is a frequent retreat speaker for organizations like NEWIM and The Springs Retreat. She is the author of Reflective Writing (now out of print). If you are a woman looking for a retreat that is designed specifically to help you grow deeper in your love for the Lord through the contemplative approaches IVP Formatio books describe (reflection, prayer, listening, silence, solitude, fasting, reading the Word), please join Luann at The Springs in California. See the NEWIM website ( for additional information.