Jeremiah and Lamentations: An Introduction and Commentary, By Hetty Lalleman
Jeremiah and Lamentations
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  • Published: February 01, 2013
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Despite the themes of doom and destruction, the primary message of Jeremiah is one of the love and grace of a God who never gives up on those he has called to be his own. The prophet's life is characterized by suffering, but he points to a new beginning, a new covenant and a new hope, eventually made possible through the unique Suffering Servant. Lamentations powerfully expresses personal and national suffering. Yet, even in these utterances of desperate grief, there are glimpses of hope.

Lifting out these significant but understated themes in Jeremiah and Lamentations, this commentary by Hetty Lalleman opens our eyes to an important chapter in salvation history.


General preface
Author's preface
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1. God?s Prophet
2. Historical Background
3. The Relationship Between the Hebrew and the Greek Text
4. How Did the Book of Jeremiah Originate?
5. The Verb sûb
6. Two Sets of Metaphors
7. Further Literary Features
8. "Falsehood" in the Book of Jeremiah
9. The "Confessions" and the Suffering of the Prophet
10. The Oracles Against the Nations
11. Influences from Hosea and Amos
12. The New Covenant
13. Jeremiah in the New Testament
14. Division of the Book
Additional note: The plea for vengeance


1. Authorship and Date
2. Laments
3. Theological Themes


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Hetty Lalleman is tutor in Old Testament studies at Spurgeon's College, London. She is the author of Celebrating the Law? Rethinking Old Testament Ethics, and is on the advisory board for an Old Testament commentary series in Dutch, to which she has contributed a volume on Jeremiah. Her Ph.D. thesis was entitled Jeremiah in Prophetic Tradition.