IVP Signature Bible Studies

IVP Signature Bible Studies

Since 1947 InterVarsity Press has been publishing thoughtful Christian books that serve the university, the church, and the world. In celebration of IVP's 75th anniversary in July 2022, we are releasing special editions of select iconic and bestselling books from throughout our history.

Between Fall 2019 and Fall 2022, we will release Signature Collection editions of twenty-five books and eleven Bible studies that represent a wide range of authors, topics, and genres. Speaking into important cultural moments throughout the decades—from the halls of academia to the church pulpit to the public forum—these books have not only addressed particular moments in history, but they've also spoken timeless truth across generations. As companions to our IVP Signature Collection, these IVP Signature Bible Studies feature new and classic study guides that help individuals and groups explore and apply biblical truths.

Discover the IVP Signature Bible Studies and be a part of IVP's legacy of life-changing books.

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IVP Signature Bible Studies
product set
  • Length: 7 volumes
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-4839-3
  • Item Code: 4839
John Stott
6 Sessions
Paul E. Little
6 Sessions
Calvin Miller
8 Sessions
J. I. Packer
5 Sessions
Eugene H. Peterson
6 Sessions
Gary A. Haugen
5 Sessions
Brenda Salter McNeil and Rick Richardson
5 Sessions