Inner Healing

Inner Healing

A Handbook for Helping Yourself and Others

by Mike T. Flynn and Douglas H. Gregg

Inner Healing
  • Length: 222 pages
  • Published: December 29, 1993
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1664-4
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This straightforward handbook by Mike Flynn and Doug Gregg shows how God can set a new course for our lives and provides us all the tools necessary to embark on a journey of inner healing. Writing from a biblical perspective which seeks to correct common myths and misunderstandings about this vital ministry, Flynn and Gregg's work will be valued both by those who want to help their hurting friends and neighbors and by those who are seeking healing in their own lives.


1. What Is the Ministry of Inner Healing?
2. How We Become Involved in Inner Healing
3. Theological Underpinnings
4. Using the Bible in Inner Healing
5. Jesus' Healing Authority
6. Jesus' Healing Love
7. Praying for Oneself
8. Praying for Others
9. Psychological Factors
10. Frequent Mistakes
11. Working with the Spirit
12. Wider Dimensions of Inner Healing
Appendix: Marsha's Story

Mike Flynn is director of FreshWind Ministries, an organization that presents conferences on leadership development, healing and spiritual growth. His books include Inner Healing, Holy Vulnerability, Making Disciples, The Mustard Seed Book and How to Be Good Without Really Trying. He lives in California.
Douglas H. Gregg (Ph.D., University of Southern California), president and codirector of Christian Direction and Formation Ministries, is an ordained Presbyterian minister and consultant to pastors and churches in areas of prayer, spiritual formation and spiritual direction. Coauthor of Inner Healing and Disciplines of the Holy Spirit, Gregg has served as a church pastor, teaching specialist for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, and director of the office of Christian community and adjunct associate professor of spiritual formation at Fuller Theological Seminary.