"I Believe"

"I Believe"

Exploring the Apostles' Creed

by Alister McGrath

"I Believe"
  • Length: 120 pages
  • Published: June 19, 1998
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-1946-1
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  • What are the basics of Christian belief?
  • How can you know the most important elements of the faith?
  • When you hear people talk about doctrines that seem unfamiliar, how can you know if they are at the core of Christianity or outside the center?

The basics of Christian faith have remained the same for centuries. Affirmed by the church around the world since its earliest years, these truths are summarized in documents known as creeds. Among these, the Apostles' Creed is one of the most important.

In this brief book, Alister McGrath introduces you to the essential truths about God the Father, the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Divided into six sections with reflection and discussion questions included for each core truth, "I Believe" is ideal for your personal study or for use in a small group or Sunday school class.

Here is the basic book you need to understand the basics of Christianity.


How to Use This Book
1. I Believe
2. God the Father
3. God the Son: His Identity and Birth
4. God the Son: His Death and Resurrection
5. God the Son: His Present Activity and Future Role; God the Holy Spirit
6. The Church, Forgiveness and Eternal Life

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Alister McGrath

Alister McGrath (DPhil, DD, Oxford University) is the Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University. He previously held the chair of theology, ministry, and education and was head of the Centre for Theology, Religion & Culture at King's College, London. He is in constant demand as a speaker at conferences throughout the world and is the author of many books including The Dawkins Delusion? and Christianity's Dangerous Idea.

BY Alister McGrath

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