Help Me Believe: Direct Answers to Real Questions, By Cliffe Knechtle

Help Me Believe

Direct Answers to Real Questions

by Cliffe Knechtle

Help Me Believe
  • Length: 131 pages
  • Published: July 05, 2000
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 2268
  • ISBN: 9780830822683

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It's natural for you to have questions about Christianity.

What does Jesus really have to offer in a world that is so complicated, where there's so much pain? What difference could he possibly make in your life?

For years Cliffe Knechtle has been fielding questions about and objections to Christianity from thousands of people. They want to know what you want to know--what does Jesus have to do with the real world, with real life? In this book Knechtle provides the answers to some of the toughest questions you have, including

  • Don't all religions teach the same thing?
  • Why do Christians try to impose their morality on others?
  • What is so valuable about life?
  • What is God's answer to evil in the world?
  • Why can't people seem to get along with each other?
  • Why is forgiving others so difficult?
  • Isn't God kind of old and boring?
  • How do I know I can trust Jesus?
  • I still have some doubts. Can you help me believe?

Life isn't easy. And what Knechtle offers you in this book are not pat answers. Rather, they are direct responses to real people with real questions. If you have questions about Christianity, Help Me Believe will grapple with them squarely, honestly and helpfully.

"A good resource for seekers and doubters or for those interested in reaching out to them."

CBA Marketplace, August 2000



1. What is truth?
Question 1: How can you claim to have the truth?
Question 2: Don't all religions teach the same thing?
Question 3: Doesn't the Bible mean different things to different people?
Question 4: How can a loving God judge people?
Question 5: Why are you trying so hard to convince me?

2. How can you tell me what's right wrong?
Question 6: What gives you the right to impose your morality on others?
Question 7: Why do Christians get so upset about homosexuality?
Question 8: Where do moral values come from?

3. Why is life so valuable?
Question 9: What difference does it make if life is valuable or not?
Question 10: What do you think about abortion?
Question 11: Why is life important?

4. Why is there evil in the world?
Question 12: Where does evil come from?
Question 13: Why do we overlook our own responsibility for evil?
Question 14: Why does life without God produce evil?
Question 15: What is God's answer to evil in the world?

5. Why is there disharmony in relationships?
Question 16: What causes strife between people?
Question 17: Shouldn't we all be fighting for our personal rights rather than submitting?
Question 18: Shouldn't I be in control of my life?
Question 19: What is Christ's solution for disharmony in relationships?

6. Who needs forgiveness?
Question 20: What is real forgiveness?
Question 21: If God is forgiving, why do we try to cover up our sins?
Question 22: Why is it so hard to forgive?
Question 23: Since forgiving is so difficult, how can we do it?
Question 24: What is the difference between real and false guilt?

7. Who is God and who is Jesus?
Question 25: I attend a worship service every week. What more does God want?
Question 26: Isn't God kind of old and boring?
Question 27: How do I know I can trust God?
Question 28: Can't I worship God without worshiping Jesus?

8. Can you help me believe?
Question 29: What does it mean to accept Jesus as Savior?
Question 30: As long as I believe in Christ in my heart, why is it anybody else's business how I live?
Question 31: Isn't fear of death a poor motive for believing in Jesus?
Question 32: Is it a sin to have doubts?
Question 33: How can anyone interpret the Bible accurately?
Question 34: Aren't there a lot of unanswered questions in the Bible?

9. Can you help my faith grow?
Question 35: Does faith grow naturally, or are there things I can do to help it along?
Question 36: What's the connection between prayer and faith?
Question 37: I want a faith that's down-to-earth, for here and now. Is heaven really important?
Question 38: I've accepted Christ, but I still have some of the same old problems--and even some new ones! Is there something wrong with my faith?
Question 39: Why is the Bible so important for growing in faith?


Knechtle travels around the United States talking to people with questions about Jesus. His home base is in Connecticut, where he pastors Hope Church in Wilton.