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  • Number of Studies: 13
  • Published: July 03, 2001
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"What's the use?"

At times of frustration or disappointment, it is tempting to ask this question. You work and work to grow to Christian maturity, but you seem to get nowhere--repeating your mistakes, neglecting your commitments, losing your motivation.

The original readers of Hebrews felt the same way! Yet the writer of this New Testament letter cheers for them to stay on track and never quit, so they can reach the finish line by the power of Jesus Christ.

As James Reapsome leads you through thirteen studies in Hebrews, he offers you--and all of today's faith-weary Christians--the encouragement you need to stay in the faith-race.

This LifeGuide Bible Study in IVP's revised format features questions for starting group discussions and for meeting God in personal reflection, as well as a new "Now or Later" section following each session to help you act on what you learn.


Getting the Most Out of Hebrews
1. Starting the Race - Hebrews 1
2. Warning Signs - Hebrews 2
3. Winning the Race - Hebrews 3
4. Receiving God's Blessing - Hebrews 4:1-13
5. Overcoming Weakness - Hebrews 4:14--5:10
6. The Race to Maturity - Hebrews 5:11--6:20
7. Eternal Companion - Hebrews 7
8. God's "New Deal" - Hebrews 8
9. The Runner's Power - Hebrews 9
10. Staying in the Race - Hebrews 10
11. Models of Faith - Hebrews 11
12. The Runner's Discipline - Hebrews 12
13. Runing by the Rules - Hebrews 13
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