Hear My Prayer

Hear My Prayer

Learning from the Faith of Elijah—A 6-Week Bible Study Experience

by Liz Ditty

Hear My Prayer
  • Length: 176 pages
  • Dimensions: 7 × 9.5 in
  • Published: May 14, 2024
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  • ISBN: 978-1-5140-0623-8

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Does prayer matter?

What we believe about prayer reflects what we believe about God. Maybe you believe God is all-powerful and wise, but not attentive to your little corner of the world? Fortunately, the Bible tells us a different story. Over and over again, we are reminded that God is both great and good, and that we are cared for and fully known by him. So God welcomes all our prayers and invites us to pray about everything—to entrust him with all things both big and small, joyful and enraging, and to pray fervently.

Whether you consider yourself a prayer warrior or prayer newbie (or even a prayer skeptic), you are invited to join this six-week Bible study experience. Liz Ditty, an experienced spiritual director and retreat leader, invites groups and individuals to experience dozens of ways to pray alone and together. As she engages the story of Elijah and his encounters with God, she guides us toward less awkward, more authentic prayer.

"Someone once said that faith is not a personal possession until you have suffered. Faith requires the grit and courage to pray in the dark, the determination to become someone who can see it, lead in, and lean into the dark."

Nancy Ortberg, CEO of Transforming the Bay with Christ

"In so many ways prayer is ground zero for our faith, the center of gravity where all we hope, fear, and believe are intertwined deep within ourselves. In Hear Our Prayer, Liz Ditty gets it. She guides the reader into this sacred space with wisdom and gentleness. Friend, whatever your current relationship to prayer, I invite you to bring your whole self to this Bible study and find God's presence here."

Catherine McNiel, author of Fearing Bravely: Risking Love for Our Neighbors, Strangers, and Enemies

"With her distinct mix of depth, warmth, and pastoral sensitivity, Liz Ditty once again helps us draw closer to the God who so longs for nearness with us. This journey through Elijah's story and the Lord's Prayer will inspire and equip you to experience God more deeply through the ups, downs, and in-betweens of life."

Jay Y. Kim, pastor and author of Analog Christian

"If we are honest, we all long for deeper communion with God and yet find ourselves often stuck or frustrated in our time of prayer. In Hear My Prayer, my friend Liz honestly shares our struggle in prayer and offers a path forward integrating biblical insights, spiritual practices, and practical wisdom into a meaningful and life-giving praying life. Whether you are a new or seasoned follower of Jesus, this book will stir greater hope and intimacy with God!"

David Kim, discipleship and formation pastor at WestGate Church and author of Made to Belong

"What a fresh perspective on prayer you hold in your hands! With creativity and keen biblical insight, Liz Ditty shows us how to attune to God in a fresh way. If you feel lost in how to pray or dry in your experience of God's presence, this study is a tall glass of water for your soul. Our culture is thirsty to experience God in uncertainty, through the hard work of forgiveness, and in the darkness of the valley. Liz Ditty gently takes our hand, gives us excellent practices to try, and walks with us there."

Amy Seiffert, Bible teacher and author of Starved


Weekly Plan

Week 1: Knowing
Week 2: Doing
Week 3: Providing
Week 4: Providing, Continued
Week 5: Forgiving
Week 6: Living



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Liz Ditty

Liz Ditty is a spiritual director, author, preacher, and teacher currently guiding transformative prayer retreats at Mount Hermon Conference Center, nestled in the coastal redwoods of California. A Silicon Valley native and Western Seminary graduate, Liz’s central purpose in all she writes and teaches is to gently draw attention to God's presence in our actual—often challenging—lives. Alongside her supportive husband, two children, and spirited dog, Liz finds joy in sparking connection and community with all her people.