Global Mission Handbook: A Guide for Crosscultural Service, By Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor

Global Mission Handbook

A Guide for Crosscultural Service

by Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor

Global Mission Handbook
  • Length: 303 pages
  • Published: August 26, 2009
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3717
  • ISBN: 9780830837175

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Considering a career in crosscultural ministry?

Veteran mission professionals Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor offer a practical guide for preparing for intercultural missions. They provide resources for personal spiritual preparation as well as crosscultural skills and hands-on missionary training. They outline the process for finding actual placement with a sending church, mission agency or organization, with key questions you should be asking along the way.

This guide also includes material on the latest developments and issues in mission, such as

  • religious pluralism and Jesus
  • globalization and culture
  • business as mission and community development
  • global poverty and human trafficking
  • HIV/AIDS and malaria
  • international justice and commercial sex workers

And it is filled with real-life examples of people mobilizing for mission around the world.

Previously published as Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations, this handbook has been completely revised and significantly expanded to be even more comprehensive and useful. Global Mission Handbook is an indispensable guide for following God's call wherever he may lead you.

"Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor have won the respect and affection of Christians in the Majority World because of their faithful and effective service to us over a long period of time. I am happy that they have enlisted a superb team to produce a helpful book that will truly serve those thinking of global involvement in mission."

Ajith Fernando, national director, Youth for Christ Sri Lanka

"Don't look here for a scripted, mapped-out program of how to become a standard-issue missionary. It's packed with practicalities, helping you discover your distinctive part in God's mission. The stories of how others have been finding their way in God's mission means that you are no longer alone in figuring out your own journey. Essential equipment for anyone coaching others to live effectively for God's purposes."

Steve Hawthorne, coeditor, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

"This book is a unique and special selection of essays and exhortation for anyone interested in global missions. I am amazed at the huge list of contributors, and many of them I know as people who walk the talk. I strongly recommend this book."

George Verwer, founder and international director, Operation Mobilisation

"God is still calling people to serve as missionaries, but this process can be confusing and even intimidating. The Global Mission Handbook demystifies the call to missions while capably exploring and unpacking its spiritual essence. With sound practical advice and profound insight from a wealth of global voices, I can think of no better preparatory resource for those considering service in the fields that still remain white unto harvest."

Jason Mandryk, editor, Operation World

"It's with great delight that I commend to any pastor, organizational leader or trainer, missionary candidate, or missions executive the book Global Mission Handbook. The authors--Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor--are among the most experienced, respected and beloved missions practitioners of our generation, and they truly provide a serious, comprehensive guide for crosscultural service. The handbook divides the missionary preparation process into ten phases to guide the missionary-hopeful through the rigors of the many steps to the field. Nothing like this handbook exists to date, and it fills a huge hole in the missionary training process for churches, schools and agencies alike. It is my prayer that thousands of copies are used in the coming years to guide the next generation preparing for missionary service to honor God with their lives."

Dr. Monroe Brewer, president, The National Association of Missions Pastors, and director of Church Connections, CrossGlobal Link, Wheaton, Illinois

"Do you want go somewhere and do something that counts for God? If so, this book will help you count the cost and weigh your options. It's practical, it's wise, and it's passionate!"

Floyd McClung, All Nations, Cape Town, South Africa

"There is no other resource equal to the Global Mission Handbook. The combination of topics, authors and approaches stands alone as a comprehensive compendium related to crosscultural action. Global Mission Handbook guides the reader through stages of preparation and involvement--all toward the goal of helping each reader investigate and discover the unique ways that we belong in serving the world in Jesus' name. I recommend it to every person who wants something larger out of life--a sense of understanding where we fit in God's global purposes."

Paul Borthwick, senior consultant, Development Associates International

"This is not a book to be read in one sitting; it is richly and profoundly more. It brings innumerable specialists together, producing what in my opinion has never previously been written. It is a comprehensive reference guide for those who seek global service for Christ. Spectacular!"

Ralph D. Winter, general director, Frontier Mission Fellowship

"We want the world to know Jesus, but how? Here's a book to show the way. It sparkles, it encourages, it informs, and it makes the steps to get there not so impossible to take. You can make a difference, and this book can be a pivotal part!"

Patrick Johnstone, author, Operation World

"A thoroughly worthwhile read. Hoke and Taylor have given us a very useful tool."

Douglas McConnell, EMQ, July 2010

"Veteran mission scholars Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor offer a practical handbook for preparing for intercultural missions. They and a team of expert contributors provide resources for personal spiritual preparation as well as cross cultural skills and hands-on missionary training."

Missiology, January 2010


About the Authors
Beginning Your Journey to the Nations: A Personal Fitness Assessment
Introduction: What Does It Take to Be Prepared?
Phase One: Getting Ready
1 Personal Spiritual Formation
2 Discovering Your Ministry Identity in the Body of Christ
3 Exposure to Other Cultures
4 Critical Issues in Schooling and Support Raising
Phase Two: Getting There
5 Church and Agency Connecting and Courting
6 Ministry Role and Assignment Search
7 Hands-On Missionary Training
Phase Three: Getting Established
8 Lifelong Learning
9 Finishing Strong and Well
Appendix 1: Resources
Appendix 2: Bibliography
Appendix 3: three Small-Group Leaders Guides


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Steve Hoke

Steve Hoke (PhD, Michigan State) is vice president of people development at Church Resources Ministries. He grew up as the son of missionary parents and has worked professionaly in over forty-five countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He has taught at Seattle Pacific University and has been a consultant with many misisons organizations.

Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor (PhD, University of Texas) is global ambassador and senior mentor with the World Evangelical Alliance's Mission Commission. He previously served as its executive director for twenty years. He lived in Latin America for thirty years and taught for sixteen years at Seminario Teológico Centro Americano in Guatamala City. He has also taught on the faculty of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and continues to serve as a visiting professor at institutions around the world.