Fresh Vision for the Muslim World, By Mike Kuhn
Fresh Vision for the Muslim World
  • Length: 273 pages
  • Published: October 09, 2009
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 5655
  • ISBN: 9780830856558

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After living for more than two decades in the Middle East, pastor, author and college Arabic instructor Mike Kuhn wonders if there can be a fresh vision for the Muslim world—one not rooted in media lies or personal fears but in the values of Christ's kingdom. Is the only option to fight, to eradicate, to judge? Or can the mindset of confrontation give way to one of incarnation?

In Fresh Vision for the Muslim World, Kuhn challenges readers to love the Muslims down the street and across the world with the love of Christ. Kuhn's vast experience and research show readers that Muslims today have the same hopes and spiritual needs as any of us. With practical suggestions, Kuhn helps readers leave the path of isolation, fear and self-preservation and choose a less-traveled road: a path of self-awareness, empathy, and deep listening. Choosing the latter path is radical. It is difficult. And it is a step toward seeing Jesus Christ receive his rightful place of honor among a people longing to know him.

"Mike Kuhn will get you thinking about your view of Muslims, eschatology, and how best to present the One who is more than a prophet to Muslims."

Dr. David Lundy, Arab World Ministries

"He dares to get into issues that very few evangelicals dare to get into. He addresses these issues biblically and in a scholarly manner."

Dr. Nabeel T. Jabbour, author of The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross

"Kuhn incarnated his life and witness in the Middle East for many years. Kuhn's love for Muslims shines throughout this volume. His assessment of the current 'clash of civilizations' is one of the best I have read."

Phil Parshall, author of The Cross and the Crescent



Part I: A Visionary Paradigm
1 Casting a New Kind of Vision

Part II: A Historical Perspective
2 A History of Complicity: Who, Me?
3 Give Back My Holy Land!
4 Two World Wars and a New Reality

Part III: A Theological Dimension
5 Your Truth or Mine?
6 Jesus? Kingdom in the Muslim World Today
7 The Israel of God
8 What?s Next or What?s Now?
9 Perspective Makes All the Difference

Part IV: A Reality Check
10 Reformation à la Islam
11 "Thou Shalt Not Be Terrorized"

Part V: Steps to Incarnation
12 God on Mission, Human Beings on Mission
13 Living the Kingdom, Extracting the Empire



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Mike Kuhn

Mike Kuhn married Stephanie in 1983 and for the next twenty-two years lived in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. As he befriended his Muslim neighbors, what he learned experiencing day-to-day life was more than any book or university could have ever taught him about engaging the Muslim world. He grew to love not only Muslims, but also the Arabic language, and now teaches it at the college level. Mike's ongoing friendship with believers from an Islamic background continues to influence his understanding of God's pursuit to reconcile all nations to himself.