For Christ and the University: The Story of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of the USA - 1940-1990, By Keith Hunt and Gladys Hunt

For Christ and the University

The Story of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of the USA - 1940-1990

by Keith Hunt and Gladys Hunt

For Christ and the University
  • Length: 454 pages
  • Dimensions: 6 × 9 in
  • Published: December 31, 1991
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 4996
  • ISBN: 9780830849963

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  • Recipient of a Christianity Today 1993 Critics Choice Award

Over the last fifty years God has used InterVarsity Christian Fellowship to shape the lives of thousands of students. This fascinating chronicle begins with the early influences that shaped university witness since its founding. Eventually these influences coalesced to form InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the United States fifty years ago. From those early beginnings with only a few staff covering the whole country and a world war breaking out, the work grew and flourished beyond human expectation.

From the Urbana conventions to a new approach to Christian witness called friendship evangelism to in-depth inductive study of the Bible, InterVarsity was constantly innovating and growing. From work among nurses to promotion of missions to creative use of media, InterVarsity became a multifaceted ministry. The setbacks that are part of any human endeavor are found in this book too. But here is a story of what God did through a handful of people with a big idea.






1. A Long Look at Student Witness
2. The Rise and Fall of the Student Christian Movement
3. The Resurgence of Evangelical Student Witness
4. The Making of an Ethos
5. A Whirlwind of New Beginnings: Decade of the 1940s
6. Growing the Movement: Decade of the 1940s
7. Two Important Mergers and Worldwide Fellowship
8. Gains and Losses: Decade of the 1950s
9. The Expansion of Student Training: Decade of the 1950s
10. Long Hours, Low Pay and Little Applause
11. When the World Changed: Decade of the 1960s
12. The Confusion of Order: Decade of the 1960s
13. The Challenge of Growth and Stability: Decade of the 1970s
14. A Maturing Ministry: Decade of the 1970s
15. Revolving-Door Leadership: Decade of the 1980s
16. At the Crossroads: Decade of the 1980s

Basis of Faith, IVCF-USA
Bear Trap Statement
IFES Statement of Faith
Teacher and Lord
Urbana Statistics



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Gladys Hunt is a freelance writer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She worked for many years, often alongside her husband, Keith, as a volunteer in student ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Her many books (more than twenty!) include Honey for a Child's Heart, Honey for a Teenager's Heart and Honey for a Woman's Heart (all Zondervan) and several titles in the Fisherman Bible study series published by Waterbrook Press.