Exploring the New Testament alt

Exploring the New Testament

A Guide to the Letters and Revelation

Exploring the Bible Series

2nd Edition, Volume 2

by I. Howard Marshall, Stephen Travis, and Ian Paul

Exploring the New Testament
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  • Published: September 13, 2011
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Professors and students will warm to this clearly written and well-informed introduction to the New Testament Letters and the Apocalypse. Exploring the New Testament, Volume Two introduces students of biblical studies and theology to

Greco-Roman background

ancient letter writing

content and major themes

Paul's life, mission and theology

issues of authorship, date and setting

methods in reading and interpreting the New Testament Letters and Revelation

the intersection of New Testament criticism with contemporary issues of faith and culture

This revised edition features updated text and bibliographies, and incorporates new material gleaned from the experience of classroom use.


How to Use This Book

A. Setting the Scene
1. The world of the first-century Christians

B. Paul and His Letters
2. Letters in the New Testament
3. Paul, his letters and his life
4. The letter to the Galatians
5. The letters to the Thessalonians
6. The 'first' letter to the Corinthians
7. The 'second' letter to the Corinthians
8. The letter to the Romans
9. The letter to the Philippians
10. The letter to Philemon
11. The letter to the Colossians
12. The letter to the Ephesians
13. The letters to Timothy and Titus
14. Paul--the missionary theologian
15. New Testament letters--interpretation and authorship

C. Letters By Other Church Leaders
16. The letter to the Hebrews
17. The letter of James
18. The first letter of Peter
19. The second letter of Peter and the letter of Jude
20. The letters of John

Apocalyptic Literature
21. The Revelation to John