Every Voice Now is an IVP initiative that seeks to support and amplify voices of color, both through our work with authors and also internally within the organization. The initiative is jointly supported by InterVarsity Press and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and includes opportunities for additional funding to assist and promote our authors of color and to increase cultural competency at IVP.

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The Every Voice Now Podcast

Hosted by IVP staff, authors, and special guests, The Every Voice Now Podcast features interviews with recent and forthcoming authors of color who share their journeys to publication and the roadblocks they had to navigate along the way. In an industry that still remains overwhelming white, The Every Voice Now Podcast offers a refreshing and unique resource for book lovers of any ethnic background to discover voices of color.

Season 2

Terence Lester Sees, Stands for, and Writes for People on the Margins

EPISODE 1 (33 minutes)

Irwyn Ince Jr.'s Beautiful Journey from Rebel to Award-Winning Author

EPISODE 2 (33 minutes)

The Lessons Heather Thompson Day Learned When it Wasn't Her Turn

EPISODE 3 (33 minutes)

God Speaks Through the Powerful Poems of Drew Jackson

EPISODE 4 (35 minutes)

Deshonna Collier-Goubil and Nancy Wang Yuen: Two Power Women Extraordinaire

EPISODE 5 (39 minutes)

Terry Wildman Shares the Good Story of Creator Through the First Nations Version

EPISODE 6 (37 minutes)

Three More Enneagram Authors of Color? Coming Right Up!

EPISODE 7 (70 minutes)

Dorena Williamson's Vision of the Church as a Celebration Place

EPISODE 8 (41 minutes)

Chloe Sun Wants the Marginalized to Become Conspicuous

EPISODE 9 (35 minutes)

Peace Amadi Shares Why She Feels Like This About Writing

EPISODE 10 (37 minutes)

Lamar Hardwick's Prophetic Words on Disability in the Church

EPISODE 11 (38 minutes)

Vince Bantu Rewrites the Church's Understanding of its own Origins

EPISODE 12 (38 minutes)

MelindaJoy Mingo’s Incredible Journey from Homelessness to Published Author

EPISODE 13 (38 minutes)

'Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents' with Jeanette Yep and Greg Jao

EPISODE 14 (47 minutes)

'Being Latino in Christ' with Orlando Crespo

EPISODE 15 (46 minutes)

'And She Lived Happily Ever After'/'Anxiety' with Skip McDonald

EPISODE 16 (39 minutes)

Season 1

Robert Chao Romero Welcomes You to the Brown Church

EPISODE 1 (36 minutes)

The Mixed Blessing of Chandra Crane’s Multiethnic Identity

EPISODE 2 (39 minutes)

How a Question About "the White Man's Religion" Turned Antipas Harris into an Author

EPISODE 3 (40 minutes)

The Slow, Patient Work of Learning to Be Juanita Rasmus

EPISODE 4 (35 minutes)

Liuan Huska Embodies What it Means to Be Hurting Yet Whole

EPISODE 5 (36 minutes)

Mark Charles's Unexpected Journey to Discover Unsettling Truths

EPISODE 6 (52 minutes)

Nikole Lim Wants You to Know that Liberation Is Here

EPISODE 7 (36 minutes)

The Untold Origin Story of Esau McCaulley's Reading While Black

EPISODE 8 (41 minutes)

A. D. "Lumkile" Thomason's Prophetic Burden to Write Permission to Be Black

EPISODE 9 (37 minutes)

Enneagram Reflections from THREE Authors of Color? Yes, Please!

EPISODE 10 (83 minutes)

Helen Lee on Diversity in Publishing

BONUS (27 minutes)

How Harry Yoon Left Everything and Took the Path that Led to Minari

EPISODE 12 (38 minutes)

Three Books that Dethrone White American Jesus

EPISODE 13 (40 minutes)

Books by Authors of Color

IVP continues to regularly publish books by authors of color as part of our commitment to multiethnic publishing. Browse our most recent and forthcoming books below or meet more IVP authors of color and see their published work.

Praise for Every Voice Now

Every Voice Now Steering Committee

Every Voice Now is led by a team of staff of color at IVP with substantial experience in publishing across multiple areas of expertise. We'd love your feedback, so share your comments, critiques or questions with us on Instagram, Twitter, or by email at info@EveryVoiceNow.com.

Every Voice Now Steering Committee - Terumi Echols

Terumi Echols, president & publisher (ex-officio)

Every Voice Now Steering Committee - Alexandra Horn

Alexandra Horn, academic marketing manager

Every Voice Now Steering Committee - Al Hsu

Al Hsu, senior editor

Every Voice Now Steering Committee - Maila Kim

Maila Kim, marketing manager

Every Voice Now Steering Committee - Helen Lee

Helen Lee, associate director of strategic initiatives and partnerships

Every Voice Now Steering Committee - Paloma Lee

Paloma Lee, assistant producer/project specialist

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