Enjoying the Old Testament

Enjoying the Old Testament

A Creative Guide to Encountering Scripture

by Eric A. Seibert

Enjoying the Old Testament
  • Length: 256 pages
  • Published: November 16, 2021
  •  Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 978-1-5140-0120-2
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Is it possible to enjoy the Old Testament?

Christians know they are supposed to read the Old Testament. Yet many struggle with this part of the Bible, finding it confusing, theologically troubling, or just uninteresting. Eric Seibert understands. His goal is to help students and other readers learn to love the Old Testament and actually want to read it.

In Enjoying the Old Testament Seibert demonstrates how reading the Old Testament can be fun and rewarding. Beginning with a rationale for why Christians should engage these biblical books, he then offers dozens of practical suggestions and exercises for hands-on interaction with the text. Equipped with a variety of tools and creative approaches, readers discover how even the most seemingly dry passages can come to life.

While many resources promise to help people understand the Old Testament, they often fail to address a prior question, Why bother reading it in the first place? Enjoying the Old Testament is uniquely designed to help readers find the beauty and wonder in the Old Testament as they explore it in all its complexity.

"Here is a book with a simple yet profound (and much-needed) aim: give people practical ways to take joy in reading the Old Testament and thus help them want to do it more. With pleasing prose and inviting humility, Seibert provides a variety of concrete and creative practices (literary, artistic, theological, and more) that can be adopted by readers at any level. The text's problem parts are addressed (and who better than Seibert to address them?), but with a balanced emphasis on the Old Testament's attractiveness. The end result is a hands-on manual that unlocks access to and stirs affection for an often-neglected part of the Bible. Readers should try this at home. They will be glad they did!"

Brad E. Kelle, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Point Loma Nazarene University

"Eric Seibert makes reading the Old Testament both fun and practical. Addressing legitimate concerns about problematic portrayals of God, Seibert offers reading strategies that make sense. I plan to give this book to those who think the Bible is boring or irrelevant, because these pages prove otherwise!"

Thomas Jay Oord, author of The Uncontrolling Love of God and God Can't

"With brilliance, wisdom, and clarity, Eric Seibert shows how to make the Old Testament come alive. Read this book and experience his contagious passion for reading the Bible's first three-quarters. Every professor should make this book required reading!"

Matthew Schlimm, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary

"Professor Seibert's Enjoying the Old Testament is a terrific guide for laity and pastors alike. In the tradition of Gordon Fee's How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, this book delivers on its promise to help the reader enjoy what is often seen as the Bible's intimidating and confusing first testament."

Adam Hamilton, pastor and author of Making Sense of the Bible



Part 1: Preparing to Read the Neglected Testament
1. Why Do We Need This Book?
2. Why Don't People Enjoy the Old Testament?
3. Why Bother with the Old Testament?
4. Developing Realistic Expectations
5. Cultivating the Right Mindset

Part 2: Having Fun with the Old Testament
6. Finding New Meaning in Old Stories
7. Being Persuaded by the Prophets
8. Enjoying the Boring Parts
9. Dealing with Morally and Theologically Troubling Texts

Part 3: Encountering the Old Testament in New Ways
10. Exploring Different Perspectives and Making New Discoveries
11. Topically Motivated, Artistically Oriented, and Personally Reflective Approaches
12. Reading the Old Testament One Book at a Time
13. Final Words of Encouragement and Advice

Appendix: Additional Resources to Enhance Your Enjoyment of the Old Testament
Author Index
Scripture Index


Eric A. Seibert (PhD, Drew University) is a professor of Old Testament and has served as the president of the Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society. His most recent books are The Violence of Scripture: Overcoming the Old Testament's Troubling Legacy and Disarming the Church: Why Christians Must Forsake Violence to Follow Jesus and Change the World.

BY Eric A. Seibert