Discovering Our Spiritual Identity: Practices for God's Beloved, By Trevor Hudson alt

Discovering Our Spiritual Identity

Practices for God's Beloved

by Trevor Hudson
Foreword by Dallas Willard

Discovering Our Spiritual Identity
  • Length: 197 pages
  • Published: March 17, 2011
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 6856
  • ISBN: 9780830868568

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Each chapter in this workbook by Trevor Hudson is peppered with "holy experiments," simple practices that bring us into God's presence and help us experience life as his beloved. At the end of each chapter is a set of questions which are ideal for discussion with one or two spiritual friends or a small group.

This practical and winsome book covers topics such as

  • hearing and speaking with God
  • growing in spiritual friendship
  • practicing stewardship of our work and play
  • learning discernment
  • approaching our death and the world beyond
  • living now in the kingdom of God

Wherever you may find yourself along the Way, a real and vital spirituality awaits you in these pages.

"A moving, inspiring, easy-to-read testimony to the pure goodness of God. By posing pertinent questions, Trevor Hudson takes us into the transforming, healing presence of God. Individuals and groups desiring to grow in grace and go deeper into God could benefit enormously from applying themselves to this profound and powerful book."

Joyce Huggett, author of The Joy of Listening to God

"From his long-time pastoral heart and skills, Trevor invites us to be shepherded and strengthened with practices that immerse us in God and lead us into Christlikeness."

Jan Johnson, spiritual director and author of Invitation to the Jesus Life and Spiritual Disciplines Companion

"I consider Trevor Hudson to be a wonderful friend. He must be because even after my wife started using one of his books (instead of mine) for a college course she was teaching on spiritual formation, I still like him. And she's certain to begin using Discovering Our Spiritual Identity, because I can hardly imagine a better resource for Christ-following; like the author, it is practical and profound."

Gary W. Moon, M.Div., Ph.D., vice president, Richmont Graduate University, and author of Apprenticeship with Jesus

"I met Trevor Hudson one sunny day in his home country, South Africa. The moment I met him I knew him to be a profoundly spiritual person, and our lengthy conversation that day confirmed my initial impression. Trevor Hudson is one of South Africa's contemporary spiritual masters. The book in your hands contains the wisdom of a gentle pastor guiding each of us into a deeper walk with a God who heals. If I had one person I'd choose to be a pastor to my children, it would be Trevor Hudson."

Scot McKnight, author of Jesus Creed and blogger at

"To those who have already discovered him, Trevor Hudson is a much loved and trusted spiritual guide who is known for his practical books on the Christian spiritual journey. Organized around sixteen signposts toward a renewed spirituality that is centered in Jesus, Discovering Our Spiritual Identity presents a series of what he calls 'holy experiments'—time-tested practices that hold the potential of transforming hearts and minds, attention and awareness, willing and doing. Don't just read this book; take the time to live it, to make space in your life for these experiments to gain a foothold. It will leave you forever changed."

Dr. David G. Benner, author of Opening to God and The Gift of Being Yourself


Foreword by Dallas Willard


1 Drawing a Picture of God
Holy Experiment: Knowing God Through Knowing Jesus
2 Discovering Who We Are
Holy Experiment: Beloved Charter; Relating to Others as Beloved
3 Developing a Christian Memory
Holy Experiment: Remembering Jesus in the Gospels; Remembering Our Personal Stories; Remembering the Present Day
4 Receiving the Kingdom
Holy Experiment: Turning Toward Jesus; Opening Clenched Fists
5 Belonging to the Family of God
Holy Experiment: Confession; Listening; Conscious Loving Actions
6 Becoming Holy, Becoming Ourselves
Holy Experiment: Silence and Solitude; A Desert Day; Suffering with a Neighbor
7 Loving Those Closest to Us
Holy Experiment: Confession; Listening
8 Discovering God?s Call for Our Lives
Holy Experiment: Discernment
9 Practicing the Presence of God
Holy Experiment: Mindfulness; Thankfulness; Welcoming God into Your Next Task
10 Opening Our Hearts to God
Holy Experiment: Praying Our Feelings; Praying the Psalms; Praying the Lord?s Prayer
11 Overcoming Evil Within and Around Us
Holy Experiment: Journaling Your Inner Struggle; Overcoming Evil with Love; Intercessory Prayer
12 Witnessing to the Good News
Holy Experiment: Witnessing Without Words, Divine Openings, Testimony
13 Stewarding Faithfully What We Possess
Holy Experiment: Pledging to Tithe; Divine Ownership
14 Speaking Words of Life and Power
Holy Experiment: Halting Harmful Speech; A Blessing Day; Offering Encouraging Words
15 Looking to the Life Beyond
Holy Experiment: Centering Prayer; The Present Moment; Relinquishment
16 Growing into Christlikeness
Holy Experiment: Hospitality; Praying for Our Enemies


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Trevor Hudson has been in the Methodist ministry for the past thirty odd years, spending most of this time in and around Johannesburg, South Africa. Presently he is part of the pastoral team at Northfield Methodist Church in Benoni where he preaches and teaches on a weekly basis. He has written nine books, including A Mile in My Shoes and Listening to the Groans, which have recently been published in the U.S. Much of his ministry has been shaped by two passions: helping ordinary people experience the transforming presence and power of Jesus in their everyday lives and helping people build the kind of local faith community which seeks to take seriously the suffering of those around them. His interests include watching sports, walking and running, discovering new places, reading and writing.