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Zechariah 8: The Lord's Return

For more context before you begin studying, read this introduction to the book of Zechariah.

Hardships and trials often seem as though they will last forever. Our lives seem empty, and our days are dark and filled with pain. But Zechariah 8 offers us great hope. There will be a day when our mourning will be turned into laughter, and our sorrow into joy.

Warming Up to God

What do you imagine life will be like when the Lord returns? Thank God for this amazing promise and the great hope it offers.

Read Zechariah 8

Discovering the Word

  • If you were living in war-torn Jerusalem, which was a shadow of its former glory, why would you be encouraged by the Lord's promises in this chapter?
  • When the Lord returns to Jerusalem, what effects will he have on the city and its inhabitants (vv. 1-8)?
  • How will the future days be different from the former days for those who live in the city (vv. 9-13)?
  • How should God's graciousness to us affect us morally and spiritually (vv. 14-19)?
  • Do you think the promises of verses 20-23 were completely fulfilled in Zechariah's day, or do they look forward to a greater fulfillment in the future? Explain.

Applying the Word

  • If we truly know the Lord, why must our actions reflect his character (vv. 16-17)?
  • What are some of the practical ways we can "love truth and peace" (v. 19)?

Responding in Prayer

Thank God for the fact that he is already with us through the Holy Spirit. Praise him for the promise of his future return—when he will make all things new.

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