Crazy Enough to Care: Changing Your World Through Compassion, Justice and Racial Reconciliation, By Alvin C. Bibbs, Sr.

Crazy Enough to Care

Changing Your World Through Compassion, Justice and Racial Reconciliation

by Alvin C. Bibbs, Sr.

Crazy Enough to Care
  • Length: 150 pages
  • Dimensions: 7 × 10 in
  • Published: June 26, 2009
  • Item Code: 2115
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2115-0

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Nothing confronts a person's faith quite like injustice, pain, suffering. We see these things in our world, in our neighborhoods, and we don't know what to do with ourselves. We've got to do something, but where to begin? What to do? How to do it?

Crazy Enough to Care will take you and your friends on a journey, uncovering the things that make compassion impractical in contemporary society, addressing the fears that crop up as we consider reaching out to people we know and people we don't know, and offering opportunities to practice compassion together. Give Alvin Bibbs and his team of experts twelve sessions, and you and your group will find yourselves changing the world by caring for others.

"If you are crazy enough to care and brave enough to engage this study, you will be embarking on a deeply transformative journey. This is a wonderful guide for cultivating compassion and participating in God's heart for justice and racial reconciliation!"

Ruth Haley Barton, president, Transforming Center, and author of Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership

"The issues of injustice and racial discrimination must be faced head on. I have not yet seen a group study that challenges its participants at this level. Alvin sets the bar high, urging readers to open their eyes to a world desperately in need of Christ's compassion. Beyond that, this provocative and insightful study leads participants into action in the ways of Christ. I can't recommend this experience highly enough."

Bill Hybels, senior pastor, Willow Creek Community Church, and president, Willow Creek Association

"I dare anyone to get up close to the words of Alvin Bibbs and not come away inspired at what God might do through one life."

John Ortberg, pastor and author, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

"Crazy Enough to Care is not only a great title, it's a great book. Who was Jesus, and what difference does it make if we are his followers? Jesus was about God and people, relationships and transformation. In the most practical, usable book I have seen, we are taken on a journey to 'passing on Jesus' outrageous compassion, justice and racial reconciliation.' We don't exist as individuals apart from others. We were created social beings, and this book shows us both why and how to be so. It is a book designed to be studied in groups, so we can apply its lessons immediately. This book is a must for churches. I can't wait to get started using it in mine."

Michael O. Emerson, Ph.D., Allyn Gladys Cline Professor of Sociology, director of the Center on Race, Religion, and Urban Life, Rice University, and coauthor of Divided by Faith, United by Faith and People of the Dream

"Crazy Enough to Care will change your mind, your heart and your actions toward all people once you see them through the eyes of Christ. Alvin Bibbs helps us to see God and others in that light through this practically challenging book!"

Dr. David Anderson

"I've known Alvin Bibbs for over twenty years, and he has always been 'crazy enough to care' for people, regardless of their color, culture or class. His new book provides those of us who love God and who are working on loving our diverse neighbors a practical and biblical guide on how to engage in real relationships with people in need of love, reconciliation and justice."

Noel Castellanos, Christian Community Development Association


1. God's Radical Heart Change Plan: Am I Up for It?
2. Neighbors Close to Me
3. The People Jesus Is Especially Crazy About
4. Extending My Hands
5. Relationships That Reflect God's Compassion
6. God's Love for Variety
7. God's Call to Cross the Divide
8. Weak and Oppressed People
9. A Radical Righter of Wrongs: Am I One?
10. One Crazy Learning Experience
11. One Radical Choice at a Time
12. Writing My Story: Am I a Radical Christian?
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Alvin C. Bibbs

Alvin Bibbs is founder and director of the Obsidian Consulting Group and former executive director of multicultural church relations for the Willow Creek Association. From 1984 to 1992, Alvin was executive director of LaSalle Street Young Life. In this role he ministered to the youth and families in the Cabrini-Green housing development project in Chicago, where he grew up. He also served as chaplain to the Chicago Cubs for seven seasons.