Commentary on Jeremiah, By Jerome
Commentary on Jeremiah
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  • Published: January 20, 2012
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
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Jerome (c. 347-419), one of the West's four doctors of the church, was recognized early on as one of the church's foremost translators, commentators and advocates of Christian asceticism. Skilled in Hebrew and Greek in addition to his native Latin, he was thoroughly familiar with Jewish traditions and brought them to bear on his understanding of the Old Testament. In 405 Jerome completed his Latin translation of the Old Testament, based on the Hebrew text, and not long afterward began to work on commentaries devoted to the major prophets--Daniel (407), Isaiah (408-410), Ezekiel (410-414), culminating with Jeremiah but reaching only through chapter 32 before his death in 419.

Throughout the commentary Jerome displays his familiarity with both Hebrew and Greek texts of Jeremiah, often establishing the literal meaning through the Hebrew text and offering a spiritual interpretation that draws on the Septuagint. He frequently interacts with other translations known from Origen's Hexapla. Jerome's extensive education in the classics and Jewish tradition as well as in both Antiochene and Alexandrian exegesis shine through the commentary at every point. Here for the first time Michael Graves supplies readers with a highly readable translation in English, useful textual notes and a helpful introduction.

Ancient Christian Texts are new English translations of full-length commentaries or sermon series from ancient Christian authors that allow you to study key writings of the early church fathers in a fresh way.

"This volume is more readily useful for preachers than some others . . . As Jerome gives a careful reading of the text, noting the flow of thought and making application. Even where one must differ, in Jerome we hear how the text was understood by the leading biblical scholar of the ancient church."

Ray Van Neste, Preaching, November/December 2012


General Introduction / Page VII
Abbreviations / Page XV
Translator?s Introduction / Page XXlll
Commentary on the Prophet Jeremiah in Six Books: Eusebius Hieronymus (Jerome)

Prologue / Page 1

Book One: Jeremiah 1:-5:19 / Page 2
Book Two: Jeremiah 5:20-11:23 / Page 37
Book Three: Jeremiah 12:1-17:27 / Page 76
Book Four: Jeremiah 18:1-23:40 / Page 111
Book Five: Jeremiah 24:1-29:32 / Page 148
Book Six: Jeremiah 30:1-32:34 / Page 183

Bibliography / Page 219

Subject Index / Page 221

Scripture Index / Page 225


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