Changing Faith: Questions, Doubts and Choices About an Unchanging God, By Michael Hidalgo

Changing Faith

Questions, Doubts and Choices About an Unchanging God

by Michael Hidalgo
Foreword by Hugh Halter

Changing Faith
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Published: April 10, 2015
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3695
  • ISBN: 9780830836956

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A friend of mine told me recently, "There are so many things I am not comfortable with claiming as 100% true, but I cannot say they are 100% false either." It hasn't always been this way for him. Most of his life he believed he had all the answers to any and all of life's difficult questions.

He continued, "I do not know what is ahead, but I do know I cannot and will not go back to the faith I have clung to for decades. I am done with it." This was not his declaration of being done with faith, but his recognition that faith had to change. He was going through a change of faith.

Many of us are grappling with similar questions. How much can we actually know about God and our world? Who decides what is right and what is wrong? Are right and wrong even the best categories for our world anymore? Whose "truth" is really true? Do I need God to live a life that matters?

We have questions not because we reject faith in God, but because we live in a rapidly changing world of new realities, new technology and new insights that demand new answers. And that changes how we believe.

"As our world changes with unprecedented velocity, Michael Hidalgo reminds us that the only constants are God and change itself. He does this by challenging us to consider that our own lens on the world is but one perspective, and invites us to new ways of seeing reality while engaging God and others. Ultimately, this important book helps us understand that faith in flux can lead to a more 'other-centered' life."

Michael John Cusick, author of Surfing for God, president, Restoring the Soul

"Michael has such a genuine heart to see the power of Jesus making a difference in the lives of people. This book is a call to maturity in how we follow Jesus in our modern world that cuts through superficial stock answers and replaces them with real wisdom. There are no pat answers or worn cliches here. Just real stories, honest truths and a better picture of what following Jesus in the twenty-first century can be."

Carl Medearis, author of Adventures in Saying Yes

"If you inherited a rigid, confining faith that doesn't leave you room to breathe, Michael Hildalgo's new book will help you. With wisdom, clarity and a down-to-earth, enjoyable writing style, Changing Faith shows how true faith stretches and grows with us, helping us discover God in bigger and deeper ways through life's unexpected and challenging experiences."

Brian D. McLaren, author of Naked Spirituality

"Michael Hidalgo does it again! He captures the heart, the hopes, the struggles and the dreams of our generation that nudge us forward toward God. Along the way, he pries our fingers free of shallow thinking and inflexible belief so that we may lay hold of faith more wholly and freely. Hidalgo is a voice you can't afford to miss."

Margaret Feinberg, author of Fight Back With Joy and Wonderstruck

"Poet Robert Frost warned about a surplus of 'malevolent guides' in life who 'only have at heart your getting lost.' Michael Hidalgo is a guide on the journey of life you can trust, who only has at heart your finding your way and helping you through life's fogs, furies and failures. This guidebook is a GPS (God Positioning System) for the soul."

Leonard Sweet, author and professor

"For those struggling with difficult questions about God, faith and life overall, Michael Hidalgo offers insights from Scripture, reflections from his own journey and a healthy dose of humor to guide us all toward a more robust faith in Jesus."

Brad Lomenick, author, The Catalyst Leader, former president of Catalyst

"Changing Faith offers scriptural insights and humor to explore how our fast-moving world demands more than pat answers to questions about God and faith."

CBA Retailers + Resources, April 2015


Introduction: Going Through Changes
1. From Closed To Open
2. From Certainty To Probability
3. From Definition To Description
4. From Words To Experience
5. From Knowing To Unknowing
6. From Being Right To Being Faithful
7. From Power To Truth
8. From Legalism To Wholeness
9. From Toil To Wor
10. From Nowhere To Everywhere
11. From Bad News To Good News
12. From Fear To Love
13. From Small Stories To A Big Story
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Michael Hidalgo

Michael Hidalgo is the lead pastor of Denver Community Church, which under his leadership has grown from forty people to over 2,000. With the ONE Campaign and Malaria No More, Michael has addressed thousands nationally. He is the author of Unlost: Being Found by the One We Are Looking For and writes regularly for Relevant Magazine. Michael, his wife, and three children live in Denver, Colorado.