Breaking Old Rhythms: Answering the Call of a Creative God, By Amena Brown alt

Breaking Old Rhythms

Answering the Call of a Creative God

by Amena Brown
Foreword by Dan Kimball

Breaking Old Rhythms
  • Length: 144 pages
  • Published: November 29, 2012
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 6648
  • ISBN: 9780830866489

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"When two fighters of equal ability and speed are matched . . . there is a greater advantage to the one who knows how to break the rhythm."

—Bruce Lee

Rhythm is a blessing. By rhythm we dance, sing, clap, walk and breathe.

Beyond the blessing is the Giver of Rhythm, who sometimes calls us past the patterns and habits we have established for ourselves into new understanding, new risk, new faith, hope and love.

In those moments we have to decide where to place our trust: in God or in our precious rhythms.

Spoken word poet Amena Brown has made rhythm her life's work. In Breaking Old Rhythms she explores how we discover by rhythm both our God-given limitations and potential, and the ways we limit God's work in our lives. Read this book and be reminded, and encouraged, that while God has rhythm, God is love, and God's love carries us beyond our rhythms into a fuller, more fulfilling life.

"Sculpting and painting words into eloquent and raw poetry seems to be the breath of Amena Brown. Breaking Old Rhythms is a call for all who find themselves stuck in the mundane, drawing us to risk, push and open our full potential--all the while realizing we have and always will be completely seen and completely loved by the One who started the creating."

Lisa Gungor, singer-songwriter

"Amena Brown uses words to fill the soul like music. In Breaking Old Rhythms she creatively explores the idea that we all have a life rhythm, and that God is often found in the most unexpected places."

Michael Gungor, singer-songwriter

"Breaking Old Rhythms reminds us of God's passion to rewrite the soundtracks of our lives with faithful, redemptive love. Warm, poignant and deeply soulful, Amena Brown invites us into her story, showing us how to let go and embrace God. Spoken word indeed."

Jo Saxton, author of More Than Enchanting

"Amena Brown's soulful, joyful, beautiful voice is a true gift to anyone who has the privilege of hearing it. This work is no exception, and I found myself so refreshed by the unique way Amena shares her personal journey and passion for Jesus. This book is inspiring, encouraging and challenging--a true wake-up call to the highest end of becoming who God has created you to be. Amena is not willing to settle for old rhythms or worn-out, hopeless patterns, and refuses to let anyone else to settle either. Poetry, song lyrics, stories, photos, ideas, joy, sadness and deep imagery make for a beautiful work written, so that by the end you feel as if you know both Amena and yourself that much better. This book was a joy to read!"

Jeanne Stevens, lead pastor, Soul City Church, Chicago

"Through her beautiful style and thoughtful expression, Amena artfully fractured my structured rhythm to challenge me to consider a new perspective of God's work in my life and faith."

Jenni Catron, executive director of Cross Point Church and coauthor of Just Lead!

Amena fuses God?s truth with the reality of the rhythms of life. . . . [She] challenges us to not settle for less than the beauty of what God creates us each to be.

Dan Kimball, from the foreword

"Amena Brown is a gift--a breathtaking blend of poet, prophet and pioneer. Her life and words will bless your soul."

Margaret Feinberg,, author of Scouting the Divine and Wonderstruck

"Spoken-word artist Amena Brown's book, Breaking Old Rhythms, reminds us that God calls us beyond the patterns and habits we've established and into a new way of living and breathing and being."

Relevant Magazine, May/June 2013

"Amena Brown has crafted an original and powerful look at the rhythms that make up our lives and the one who sets the beat for us to follow. . . . this would be an excellent book for those in the church, both young adults and older, disenchanted disciples, who are seeking answers to questions of identity and purpose."

Todd Edmondson, Englewood Review of Books, Lent 2013

". . . a refreshing read from a voice that is rarely included in faith and motivational circles."

Publishers Weekly, February 11, 2013

"As a poet and a dancer, Brown sets about exploring creative ways for finding and moving to the rhythm that God creates all around us. . . . A lot of thought, time, and experience have gone into this small book. Brown shows her heart and her story for all to read, and it makes this book very moving and endearing."

David Osborne, Transpositions, February 22, 2016


A Word to the Reader
1. Finding Your Rhythm
2. The Blessing of Irritation
3. The Rhythm of Fighting
4. If God Is a DJ
5. Broken Heart
6. Breakdancing
7. Breathing Room
8. Beatbox
9. Baggage Check
10. Finding the Break Beat


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Amena Brown

Amena Brown is a poet, speaker and event host from Atlanta, Georgia. The author of a chapbook and two spoken word CDs, Brown performs and speaks in intimate venues and at national conferences. She and her husband, Matt (also known as DJ Opdiggy), host a local open mic and travel extensively, performing a presentation of poetry, monologue and deejaying.