Bread for the Resistance
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Bread for the Resistance

Forty Devotions for Justice People

by Donna Barber

Bread for the Resistance
  • Length: 144 pages
  • Number of Studies: 40
  • Published: September 17, 2019
  •  Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-4396-1
  • Item Code: 4396

Sometimes you get tired, doing this thing we call justice. Making the case, fighting the fight, having to explain again and again why it matters. You feel burned out or disillusioned. Sometimes you just need a word from the Lord.

In these daily devotions, Donna Barber offers life-giving words of renewal and hope for those engaged in the resistance to injustice. When you face adversity, you can take courage. When you grapple with discouragement, you can find hope. When your legs are tired from marching and your knees are bruised from kneeling, you can experience rest and healing.

Find here bread for the resistance.

"Some people write with beautiful words, and others speak through their character. Donna Barber excels at both. She writes with clarity and an unmatched depth of insight and has the reputation and longevity of someone who has something to teach us all. This devotional was exactly what I needed. Bread for the Resistance will refresh your soul and become the one book this year you give to everyone you know."

Ken Wytsma, author of The Myth of Equality, founder of The Justice Conference


Introduction: The Bread of Resistance

Part 1: Understanding Our Purpose
1. Defiance
2. Honor
3. Medicine Trees
4. Recycled Gifts
5. Revelation
6. Small Talk
7. Through Blindness and Graveclothes

Part 2: The Goal: Changing the World
8. The Fruit of Success
9. Big Shoes
10. Decisions, Decisions
11. Avoiding Burnout
12. High Stepping
13. Wells and Water Pots
14. Rocks and Record Keepers

Part 3: The Means: New Birth
15. Begin Again
16. Change of Plans
17. Conversion
18. Except You Become as Children
19. Simple Instructions
20. Slaves Versus Sons

Part 4: The Message: Good News
21. Forgive Us Our Debts
22. In the Beginning
23. Signs and Wonders
24. Takeover
25. The Emmaus Road
26. Word Made Flesh
27. Privilege

Part 5: The Method: Love
28. The Mandate to Love
29. Clarity
30. Love That Covers a Multitude
31. Salvation Is Come
32. The Way and Character of the Righteous
33. Who Is That?

Part 6: The Reality: Suffering
34. Cast Down but Not Destroyed
35. Obey Your Thirst
36. Praying to the Wall
37. Standing Alone
38. The Call
39. Place of Refuge
40. Garden of Grief


Donna Barber is cofounder of The Voices Project, an organization that influences culture through training and promoting leaders of color. She is also the director of Champions Academy, an initiative of the Portland Leadership Foundation that provides culturally responsive leadership development for student athletes. She lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, Leroy, and their children.

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