Becoming the Church: God's People in Purpose and Power, By Claude R. Alexander alt

Becoming the Church

God's People in Purpose and Power

by Claude R. Alexander

Becoming the Church
  • Length: 216 pages
  • Published: December 06, 2022
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: A0573
  • ISBN: 9781514005736

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Many today have given up on church. But God has not and does not give up on the church. The church is God's idea. And once we truly understand what God has in mind for his people, we can become who he wants us to be.

Bishop Claude Alexander shows how the original Christians did not always understand what the church was supposed to be, but God worked in them anyway to become the community that he intended. After the resurrection of Jesus, his followers were transformed from disillusion and doubt to become a people of conviction and new life. The book of Acts describes the unfolding purposes, principles, and practices discovered by the apostles as they gave themselves to Christ's call. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we too can be transformed by Jesus and model to the world what it means to know him—as the church.

"Bishop Alexander's love for the church inspires us and challenges us. With thoughtful imagination and examination of the early church, he masterfully weaves together a tapestry of biblical voices that speaks to a beautiful vision of the church. This book is an essential guide for anyone wanting to help churches become what God intended, beginning with ourselves."

Tom Lin, president and CEO of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA


Introduction: Being and Becoming
1. If You Get Jesus, You Get the Church: Thomas
2. Second Chances: Peter
3. Called to Mission: Matthew
4. People of Purpose: Luke
5. A Divine Assignment
6. Empowered to Proclaim
7. A Community of Commitments
8. Transformed by Jesus: The Lame Man at the Temple
9. Offering a Word from God
10. Evident Boldness
11. Living in the Tension
12. How God's People Pray
13. Together in Everything
14. The Church at Its Worst
15. Growing into the Future

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Claude Alexander

Bishop Claude R. Alexander Jr. is senior pastor of The Park Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He serves on the board of Christianity Today, Mission America Coalition, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and He is the chair of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary's board of trustees and a past president of the Hampton University Ministers Conference. He and his wife, Kimberly, have two daughters.