• But What About God's Wrath?

    But What About God's Wrath?

    The Compelling Love Story of Divine Anger

    by Kevin Kinghorn
    With Stephen Travis

    How can a loving God also be a God of wrath? Using a philosophically informed line of argument and a careful study of the relevant biblical texts, Kinghorn and Travis show how these two aspects of God's character can be reconciled. Instead of assuming that God's just response to people is incompatible with a loving response, the authors instead view God's love as a strictly essential divine attribute, with justice as a derivative of love.

  • God Is Stranger

    God Is Stranger

    Finding God in Unexpected Places

    by Krish Kandiah
    Foreword by Andy Crouch

    Have we missed the Bible’s consistent teaching that God is other, higher, stranger? Krish Kandiah offers us a fresh look at some of the difficult, awkward, and even troubling Bible passages, challenging us to replace our sanitized concept of God with a more awe-inspiring, true-to-the-Bible God. Allow yourself to be surprised by God as you find him in unexpected places doing the unexpected.

  • The Message of Evil & Suffering

    The Message of Evil & Suffering

    Light into Darkness

    The Bible Speaks Today Bible Themes Series

    by Peter Hicks

    Evil and suffering have always been a part of human experience, but they present a significant challenge to Christian belief in a good and all-powerful God. Peter Hicks expounds a range of relevant biblical texts that enable readers to set the issue of evil and suffering in the context of the nature and purposes of God.

  • What Does the Bible Say About Suffering?

    What Does the Bible Say About Suffering?

    by Brian Han Gregg

    The quest for an answer to the problem of suffering is universal, and the Bible has not one, but many responses. Exploring twelve themes related to the issue of human suffering, this concise, accessible resource reflects on what we can learn from the diversity of the biblical witness on the topic of suffering.

  • God and the Problem of Evil

    God and the Problem of Evil

    Five Views

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by Chad Meister and James K. Dew Jr.

    The problem of evil has produced many responses and elicited vigorous debate. In this multiview book, five philosophical theologians discuss and defend different solutions to this ancient problem: Phillip Cary on the classic view, William Lane Craig on Molinism, William Hasker on open theism, Thomas Jay Oord on essential kenosis, and Stephen Wykstra on skeptical theism.

  • Is God to Blame?

    Is God to Blame?

    Beyond Pat Answers to the Problem of Suffering

    by Gregory A. Boyd

    Wrestling with the question, Is God to blame?, Gregory A. Boyd offers a hopeful picture of a sovereign God who is relentlessly opposed to evil, who knows our sufferings and who can be trusted to bring us through them to renewed life.

  • God at War

    God at War

    The Bible and Spiritual Conflict

    by Gregory A. Boyd

    Modern Christians are often baffled by the problem of evil, frequently attributing pain and suffering to some mysterious "good" purposes of God. Gregory Boyd instead declares that biblical writers did not try to intellectually understand evil but rather grappled to overcome it.

  • Satan and the Problem of Evil

    Satan and the Problem of Evil

    Constructing a Trinitarian Warfare Theodicy

    by Gregory A. Boyd

    Gregory Boyd seeks to defend his scripturally grounded trinitarian warfare theod-icy with rigorous philosophical reflection and insights from human experience and scientific discovery.

  • Can God Be Trusted?

    Can God Be Trusted?

    Faith and the Challenge of Evil

    by John G. Stackhouse Jr.

    In a world riddled with disappointment, malice and tragedy, what rationale do we have for believing in a benevolent God? In this book, John Stackhouse explores how great thinkers have grappled with this question--from Buddha, Confucius, Augustine, Hume and Luther to C. S. Lewis, eventually finding the best answer in the Christian promise of transformation.

  • The Triumph of God over Evil

    The Triumph of God over Evil

    Theodicy for a World of Suffering

    Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology

    by William Hasker

    Noted philosopher William Hasker explores a full range of questions concerning the problem of evil. Hasker forges constructive answers in some depth showing why the evil in the world does not provide evidence of a moral fault in God, the world's creator and governor.