A Fragile Stone: The Emotional Life of Simon Peter, By Michael Card

A Fragile Stone

The Emotional Life of Simon Peter

by Michael Card
Foreword by Brennan Manning

A Fragile Stone
  • Length: 192 pages
  • Dimensions: 5.5 × 8.25 in
  • Published: December 22, 2006
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 3445
  • ISBN: 9780830834457

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A Fragile Stone explores the dynamic life of the apostle Peter, revisiting well-known passages and revealing unexpected insights. Author Michael Card sketches out Peter's life, showing how the impetuous fisherman of the Gospels was transformed into the pivotal leader of the early church. "The ultimate reason for getting to know Peter," Card explains, "is so together we might better know Jesus. For the story of Peter is the story of Jesus. Perhaps, if you and I do our best, the same will be said of us someday."

Peter's life serves as a model for Christian discipleship, offering hope that we likewise can be changed as Jesus calls us to follow him.

"[Michael Card's] unabashed love for Peter shines through these pages and permits him to probe the emotional complexity of the man without romance or sentimentality. . . . Card is not a neutral, dispassionate observer when Jesus dismantles Peter's false self of inner agitation, drivenness, bravado and emotional turmoil in order to shape a new creation who will become the unquestioned leader of the apostolic community. A Fragile Stone speaks to wobbly disciples who never seem to get it all together and to naive leaders who think they have. Michael Card has written a lyrical love song about Peter, and personally, I found the melody contagious."

Brennan Manning, author of A Glimpse of Jesus (from the foreword)

"Card offers some stunning exegesis and biblical insights, pointing readers to connections they might not otherwise have made. . . . Original, compelling, and full of joy."

Publishers Weekly (starred review), June 16, 2003


Foreword by Brennan Manning

Introduction: The Search for Simon

Part 1: The Stone
1. A Meeting on the Seashore - John 1:40-43
2. Jesus the Fisherman - Luke 5:1-11
3. A Glimpse Inside His Household - Luke 4:38-39
4. The Fearless Water Walker - Matthew 14:22-33
5. Who They Both Are - Matthew 16:13-23
6. Loyal Despair - John 6:53-71
7. "Fear Not!" - Mark 9:2-10
8. Back to Fishing - Matthew 17:24-27
9. Confusion at the Final Meal - John 13:6-10
10. Dismay in the Garden - Mark 14:27-42
11. The Despairing Denier - Mark 14:66-72
12. ". . . and Peter" - Mark 16:7
13. A Farewell on the Seashore - John 21:1-23

Part 2: The Bridge
14. The Passionate Preacher - Acts 1--5
15. The Compassionate Healer - Acts 3:1-10; 9:32-42
16. The Fearless Prisoner - Acts 4:1-4; 5:18-20; 12:1-19
17. The Reluctant Reconciler - Acts 10:1-33
18. The Passionate Writer - 1-2 Peter

Epilogue: The Faithful Martyr


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Michael Card

Michael Card is an award-winning musician and performing artist. His many books include A Fragile Stone, Inexpressible, The Nazarene, and the Biblical Imagination Series on the four Gospels.