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  • Getting Your Feet Dirty

    Getting Your Feet Dirty

    A Down-to-Earth Look at Following Jesus

    by Don Everts

    Do you wonder what it's like to follow Jesus? Don Everts paints a picture of following Jesus by looking at the experiences of the earliest Christians. He recounts what happened, what they believed, what they did next and what it all might mean for you.

  • Standing with the Vulnerable

    Standing with the Vulnerable

    A Curriculum for Transforming Lives and Communities

    by Gil Odendaal

    The world has needs. But God is greater than those needs, and he works through his people to accomplish healing and transformation. This ten-session curriculum from World Relief is designed to mobilize the church to engage the great causes of our day, stand with the vulnerable and meet the needs of our neighbors as Jesus did.

  • The Message of Ezekiel

    The Message of Ezekiel

    A New Heart and a New Spirit

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by Christopher J. H. Wright

    Christopher J. H. Wright masterfully opens our eyes to see and understand the message of Ezekiel. Ezekiel's vision of the glory of God--its departure and return--is first set within Israel's history and then in the culmination of God's promises in Christ. Embedded in the pattern of the strange, the bizarre and the wonderful is a word that still speaks to God's people today.

  • Doubting


    Growing Through the Uncertainties of Faith

    by Alister McGrath
    Foreword by Ravi Zacharias

    We are taught to doubt but commanded to believe. Somehow we think that admitting to doubt is tantamount to insulting God. But doubt is not a sign of spiritual weakness--rather it's an indication of spiritual growing pains, says Alister McGrath. He explores the origin and nature of doubt and the specific doubts that often plague Christians in a postmodern culture.

  • Messy Church

    Messy Church

    Fresh Ideas for Building a Christ-Centered Community

    Messy Church Series

    by Lucy Moore and Jane Leadbetter

    We like the idea of community, but where do we start? This complete church resource brings together people of all ages and stages of faith, allowing them to experience a creative and fun-filled Christian community. Using creativity, celebration, and hospitality, this fifteen-session tool helps you create a unique, come-as-you-are church experience.

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  • Strangers Next Door

    Strangers Next Door

    Immigration, Migration and Mission

    by J. D. Payne

    Christians in the West are living among some of the least-reached people groups in the world and have the unprecedented opportunity to share the gospel with them. Here J. D. Payne introduces the phenomenon of human migration to the West and discusses how the Western church ought to respond.