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    Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle

    Living Fully, Loving Dangerously

    by Kent Annan

    Kent Annan left behind his prosperous, comfortable upbringing to face the world beyond its gates in Haiti, where people wear his cast-off clothing and seek comfort from the heat in the long shadow of his homeland. Read Following Jesus Through the Eye of the Needle and you'll get a fresh sense of what it means to love God and love our neighbor when love makes you uncomfortable and even requires vulnerability; to see what happens when God stretches you beyond your borders into his kingdom.

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    Walking Gently on the Earth

    Making Faithful Choices About Food, Energy, Shelter and More

    by Lisa Graham McMinn and Megan Anna Neff

    Sociologist and author Lisa McMinn and Megan Anna Neff invite you to rediscover, through new eyes, the beauty and goodness of our earth, and to make faithful choices that will help it prosper. Each chapter uniquely begins with a prelude by Megan Anna that highlights an African perspective or practice, and Lisa's fluid, passionate writing then offers both the truth about the state of the earth and inspiration to get back to shalom--a peace that allows all things to thrive.

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    Never Mind the Joneses

    Taking the Fear Out of Parenting

    by Tim Stafford

    Tim Stafford identifies thirteen core Christian values like truthfulness, contentment, hard work, joy, rest, forgiveness and putting God first. Then he shows you how to build those values into your children in a way that fits who God made your family to be--unique and different from every other family.

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    Being Found by the One We Are Looking For

    by Michael Hidalgo

    This is a journey of the mind as well as the heart as Michael uncovers for us the false views of God that were causing him to wander and leads us to the true God of the Bible who is waiting with open arms. Unlost is a fresh, narrative view of the gospel story illustrated from the author's life and experience.

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    Being Latino in Christ

    Finding Wholeness in Your Ethnic Identity

    by Orlando Crespo

    Exploring what the Bible says about ethnic identity and drawing on his own journey to self-understanding, Orlando Crespo helps you discover for yourself what it means to be Latino, American--and, most importantly, a disciple of Christ.

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    The Transformation of a Man's Heart

    Reflections on the Masculine Journey

    Edited by Stephen W. Smith

    Leading men in their fields come alongside other men in The Transformation of a Man's Heart, telling their stories about work, parenting, sex, marriage, transformation and other men's issues. God IS at work, encouraging men and empowering them to overcome the hurdles of the past, the challenges of the present and the fears of the future.

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    Facing "The Talk"

    Conversations with My Four Daughters About Sex

    by Wendy Elizabeth Chapin

    What are we teaching our daughters about sex? Professor Elizabeth Chapin inspires you to have open conversations about sex that will prepare your girls to make healthy, wise and informed choices. Give them more than a set of rules about sex—instead offer them an alternative imagination that reframes what Western media culture defines sex to be.

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    Nature Trails and Gospel Tales

    Stories of Grace from the Wilds of Mississippi

    by Ernest Herndon

    In fourteen essays of faith, nature and adventure, Ernest Herndon treks through forests, sloughs through swamps and rides over rapids--all the while leading you into the wildest yet safest place of all, the expansive country of God's heart.

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    Christian Counseling Ethics

    A Handbook for Psychologists, Therapists and Pastors

    Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books

    Edited by Randolph K. Sanders

    Editor Randolph K. Sanders assembles a team of scholar-practitioners to forge a comprehensive ethical approach to Christian counseling. Christian psychotherapists, pastors and others in the counseling profession will find here a ready resource for a wide array of contemporary clinical scenarios.

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    Lent Talks

    Seasonal Selections From Radio 4

    by James Runcie, Bonnie Greer, Ann Widdecombe, Giles Fraser, Alexander McCall Smith, and Nick Baines

    A selection of the best from BBC Radio 4's Lent Talks over the last ten years. With a dynamic introduction from BBC Head of Radio for Religion and Ethics, Christine Morgan, six well-known personalities invite readers to reflect on a range of thoughts and themes from a number of different perspectives.