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  • Theologies of the American Revivalists

    Theologies of the American Revivalists

    From Whitefield to Finney

    by Robert W. Caldwell III

    Robert Caldwell traces the fascinating story of American revival theologies during the Great Awakenings, examining the particular convictions underlying these conversions to faith. Caldwell offers a reconsideration of the theologies of important figures and movements, giving fresh insight into what it meant to become a Christian during this age in America's religious history.

  • Doing Asian American Theology

    Doing Asian American Theology

    A Contextual Framework for Faith and Practice

    by Daniel D. Lee

    With insights from interpersonal neurobiology and trauma theory, Daniel D. Lee's theological methodology and vocabulary, which incorporates the need for personal integration and communal journey, offers a process of integration and reconciliation for Asian American theologies in service of Asian American communities of every kind.

  • The Decline of African American Theology

    The Decline of African American Theology

    From Biblical Faith to Cultural Captivity

    by Thabiti M. Anyabwile
    Foreword by Mark A. Noll

    Thabiti Anyabwile argues that contemporary African American theology has fallen far from the tree of its early American antecedents. This book is a goldmine for any reader interested in the history of African American Christianity. With a foreword by Mark Noll.

  • Soul Care in African American Practice

    Soul Care in African American Practice

    by Barbara L. Peacock

    Spiritual director and pastor Barbara Peacock illustrates how the practices of spiritual formation are woven into African American culture and lived out in the rich heritage of its faith community. Using the examples of ten significant men and women, Barbara helps us engage in practices of soul care as we learn from these spiritual leaders.

  • Evangelical Theologies of Liberation and Justice

    Evangelical Theologies of Liberation and Justice

    Edited by Mae Elise Cannon and Andrea Smith

    Despite the current evangelical focus on justice work, evangelical theologians have not adequately developed a theological foundation for this activism. In this insightful resource, evangelical academics, activists, and pastors come together to survey the history and outlines of liberation theology, opening a conversation for developing a specifically evangelical view of liberation that speaks to the critical justice issues of our time.

  • The Myth of the American Dream

    The Myth of the American Dream

    Reflections on Affluence, Autonomy, Safety, and Power

    by D. L. Mayfield

    Affluence, autonomy, safety, and power—the central values of the American dream. But are they compatible with Jesus' command to love our neighbor as ourselves? In essays grouped around these four values, D. L. Mayfield asks us to pay attention to the ways they shape our own choices, and the ways those choices affect our neighbors.

  • Free at Last?

    Free at Last?

    The Gospel in the African American Experience

    The IVP Signature Collection

    by Carl F. Ellis Jr.
    Foreword by Amisho Baraka

    In this historical and cultural study, Carl Ellis offers an in-depth assessment of the state of African American freedom and dignity. Tracing the growth of Black consciousness from the days of slavery to the 1990s, Ellis examines Black culture and shows how God is revitalizing the African American church and expanding its cultural range.

  • American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion

    American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion

    Reassessing the History of an Idea

    by John D. Wilsey
    Foreword by John Fea

    The idea of America's special place in history has been a guiding light for centuries. With thoughtful insight, John D. Wilsey traces the concept of exceptionalism, including its theological meaning and implications for civil religion. This careful history considers not only the abuses of the idea but how it can also point to constructive civil engagement and human flourishing.

  • The Religion of American Greatness

    The Religion of American Greatness

    What’s Wrong with Christian Nationalism

    by Paul D. Miller
    Foreword by David French

    What is Christian nationalism, and how is it different from patriotism? Political theorist, veteran, and former White House staffer Paul D. Miller provides a detailed portrait of—and case against—Christian nationalism, calling for Christians to seek a healthier political witness that respects our constitutional ideals and a biblical vision of justice.

  • Growing Healthy Asian American Churches

    Growing Healthy Asian American Churches

    Edited by Peter Cha, S. Steve Kang, and Helen Lee

    Volume editors Peter Cha, Steve Kang and Helen Lee, with a team of veteran Asian American pastors and church leaders, offer eight key values for healthy Asian American churches. Growing Healthy Asian American Churchesdraws on years of expertise and is filled with practical examples from landmark churches like Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles, NewSong Church and Lighthouse Christian Church and with insights from pioneering leaders like Ken Fong, David Gibbons, Grace May, Wayne Ogimachi and Soong-Chan Rah. It is an essential guide for Asian American church leaders wanting to help their congregations achieve health and growth.