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  • Finding God in The Shack

    Finding God in The Shack

    by Randal Rauser

    The fascinating story told in William Young's The Shack has left Christians both transformed and confused. Randal Rauser takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the pages of the story, defending the book's theology against charges of heresy and considering the book?s explanation for why God allows evil.

  • Modern Art and the Life of a Culture Modern Art and the Life of a Culture

    Modern Art and the Life of a Culture

    The Religious Impulses of Modernism

    Studies in Theology and the Arts

    by Jonathan A. Anderson and William A. Dyrness

    In 1970, Hans Rookmaaker published Modern Art and the Death of a Culture, a groundbreaking work that considered the role of the Christian artist in society. This volume responds to his work by bringing together a practicing artist and a theologian, who argue that modernist art is underwritten by deeply religious concerns.

  • Is Christianity the White Man's Religion? Is Christianity the White Man's Religion?

    Is Christianity the White Man's Religion?

    How the Bible Is Good News for People of Color

    by Antipas L. Harris

    Biblical Christianity is not just for white Westerners—it's good news for all of us. Theologian and community activist Antipas L. Harris responds to young Americans who struggle with the perception that Christianity is detached from matters of justice, identity, and culture, affirming that the Bible promotes equality for all people.

  • Questions of Context Questions of Context

    Questions of Context

    Reading a Century of German Mission Theology

    Missiological Engagements

    by John G. Flett and Henning Wrogemann

    Wrestling with questions of context is essential for how we understand mission, theology, and the embodiment of the Christian faith. Showcasing many German missiological works available in English for the first time, this longitudinal study tackles the history and dynamics of contextualization and sheds new light on the state of missiology today.