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  • Spiritual Theology: A Systematic Study of the Christian Life, By Simon  Chan

    Spiritual Theology

    A Systematic Study of the Christian Life

    by Simon Chan

    Academy of Parish Clergy Top Ten Book

    Theology is "the doctrine of living unto God," wrote the Puritan theologian William Ames. Unfortunately, post-Enlightenment theology has tended to divorce "doctrine" from "living unto God." And to the degree that this split has been deepened and perpetuated, both theology and spirituality have been impoverished.

    Spiritual Theology ...

  • Intercultural Theology, Volume Three: A Theology of Interreligious Relations, By Henning Wrogemann

    Intercultural Theology, Volume Three

    A Theology of Interreligious Relations

    Missiological Engagements

    by Henning Wrogemann

    Ten Outstanding Books in Mission Studies, World Christianity and Intercultural Theology for 2019 — International Bulletin of Mission Research (IBMR)

    Christianity is not only a global but also an intercultural phenomenon.

    In this third volume of his three-volume Intercultural Theology, Henning Wrogemann proposes that we need to go beyond ...

  • Bringing Theology to Life: Key Doctrines for Christian Faith and Mission, By Darren C. Marks

    Bringing Theology to Life

    Key Doctrines for Christian Faith and Mission

    by Darren C. Marks

    In this engaging text Darren Marks provides a refreshing introduction to Christian faith that will be of special interest to university and seminary students. Innovative in his organization, Marks explores seven key doctrines and highlights the profound interconnections among them in a way that points us beyond the mere theological formulations to the living God of the Bible. Engaging academic discussions ...

  • Now Choose Life: Theology and Ethics in Deuteronomy, By Gary Millar Now Choose Life: Theology and Ethics in Deuteronomy, By Gary Millar

    Now Choose Life

    Theology and Ethics in Deuteronomy

    New Studies in Biblical Theology

    by Gary Millar
    Series edited by D. A. Carson

    Though written thousands of years ago, the book of Deuteronomy is unmatched in its relevance for the affluent Western church of today. Moses' words were meant to equip God's people for living godly lives in a prosperous, pluralistic world. The cultural changes now taking place in our own social setting make the parallel between Israel and the church—and what Deuteronomy has to say—both pertinent ...

  • Life in the Trinity: An Introduction to Theology with the Help of the Church Fathers, By Donald Fairbairn

    Life in the Trinity

    An Introduction to Theology with the Help of the Church Fathers

    by Donald Fairbairn

    What can the early church contribute to theology today? Although introductions to Christian theology often refer to its biblical foundations, seldom is much attention paid to the key insights the early church had into the nature of Christian faith and life. Donald Fairbairn takes us back to those biblical roots and to the central convictions of the early church, showing us what we have tended to ...

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    New Explorations in Theology

    Theology is flourishing in dynamic and unexpected ways in the twenty-first century. Scholars are increasingly recognizing the global character of the church, freely crossing old academic boundaries and challenging previously entrenched interpretations. Despite living in a culture of uncertainty, both young and senior scholars today are engaged in hopeful and creative work in the areas of systematic, ...

  • Dynamics of Spiritual Life: An Evangelical Theology of Renewal, By Richard F. Lovelace

    Dynamics of Spiritual Life

    An Evangelical Theology of Renewal

    by Richard F. Lovelace
    Foreword by Timothy Keller

    In this classic work of spiritual theology, historian Richard Lovelace presents a history of spiritual renewals in light of biblical models. Drawing from the best of different Protestant traditions, Dynamics of Spiritual Life lays out a comprehensive approach to the renewal of the church.

    In the first half of the book, Lovelace surveys awakening movements since the ...

  • A Theology of Word and Spirit: Authority  Method in Theology, By Donald G. Bloesch

    A Theology of Word and Spirit

    Authority Method in Theology

    Christian Foundations

    by Donald G. Bloesch

    Recipient of a Christianity Today Critics Choice Award

    In the inaugural volume of his seven-volume systematic theology, Christian Foundations, Donald Bloesch surveys his method. His approach is conversant with up-to-the-minute theological concerns but also vitally grounded in the Reformation emphasis on biblical revelation illumined by the Holy Spirit.

    In A ...

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    Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology

    Strategic Initiatives in Evangelical Theology is a series of seminal works of scholarship that has strategic relevance for both evangelical scholarship and the evangelical church. The series aims to foster interaction within the broader evangelical community and advance discussion in the wider academic community around emerging, current, groundbreaking or controversial subjects. It also provides ...