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  • Never Mind the Joneses

    Never Mind the Joneses

    Taking the Fear Out of Parenting

    by Tim Stafford

    Tim Stafford identifies thirteen core Christian values like truthfulness, contentment, hard work, joy, rest, forgiveness and putting God first. Then he shows you how to build those values into your children in a way that fits who God made your family to be--unique and different from every other family.

  • New Testament Essentials

    New Testament Essentials

    Father, Son, Spirit and Kingdom

    The Essentials Set

    by Robbie F. Castleman

    Have you ever been overwhelmed by the writings of the New Testament? This 12-session study helps us see Scripture in its own historical and cultural context before guiding us to apply it to our own lives—a comprehensive overview to enrich our knowledge and deepen our faith.

    Number of Studies: 12

  • The Essential Commandment

    The Essential Commandment

    A Disciple's Guide to Loving God and Others

    The Essentials Set

    by Greg Ogden

    Is it really possible to live out the Great Commandment? In this practical, in-depth handbook which follows the format of his bestselling Discipleship Essentials, Greg Ogden draws from his years of pastoral experience training and discipling others to help us be changed by Christ into people who love God and others with all that we are.

    Number of Studies: 12

  • The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era

    The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era

    Exploring the Background of Early Christianity

    by James S. Jeffers

    James S. Jeffers provides an informative tour of the various facets of the Roman world--class and status, family and community, work and leisure, religion and organization, city and country, law and government, death and taxes, and the events of Roman history.

  • Virtuous Minds

    Virtuous Minds

    Intellectual Character Development

    by Philip E. Dow

    Teacher-administrator Philip Dow explores the implications of setting intellectual character (rather than intellectual content) at the heart of our educational programs. With ample stories and practical suggestions, Dow shows how intellectual virtues like tenacity, carefulness and curiosity are teachable traits that can produce good lives.

  • Being White

    Being White

    Finding Our Place in a Multiethnic World

    by Paula Harris and Doug Schaupp

    Are you white? Do you know what this means? Are you aware of racial inequality but have wondered, So what do I do?. Paula Harris and Doug Schaupp present a Christian model of what it means to be white, wrestling with issues of history, power, identity, culture, reconciliation, relationship and community.

  • Hidden in Christ

    Hidden in Christ

    Living as God's Beloved

    Apprentice Resources

    by James Bryan Smith

    James Bryan Smith has found Colossians 3:1-17 to be a rich resource for understanding what it means to have our lives hidden in Christ. Each of the thirty short chapters of this devotional brings out the main truth of just one word or phrase in this rich passage. You'll also find a simple daily practice to take up, reflection questions, and a guide for five weeks of group discussion.

  • Intergenerational Christian Formation-2012

    Intergenerational Christian Formation

    Bringing the Whole Church Together in Ministry, Community and Worship

    by Holly Catterton Allen and Christine Lawton

    Holly Allen and Christine Lawton offer a complete framework for intentional intergenerational Christian formation in the church. Providing theoretical foundations and case studies of intergenerational congregations, this book offers hope that worship, learning, communit,y and service can all be achieved intergenerationally.

  • Give Them Christ

    Give Them Christ

    Preaching His Incarnation, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension and Return

    by Stephen Seamands

    Pastoral theologian Stephen Seamands issues a stirring call to rediscover the centrality of Christ in preaching. Deftly blending doctrine and praxis, he revitalizes preaching by focusing on five key dimensions of Jesus' work: incarnation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and return. Preachers will find here significant resources for worship and mission.

  • In Search of the Soul

    In Search of the Soul

    Four Views of the Mind-Body Problem

    Spectrum Multiview Book Series

    Edited by Joel B. Green and Stuart L. Palmer
    Contributions by Stewart Goetz, William Hasker, Nancey Murphy, and Kevin Corcoran

    Editors Joel B. Green and Stuart L. Palmer present differing evangelical perspectives on the "body and soul, mind and brain" problem: Stewart Goetz on substance dualism, William Hasker on emergent dualism, Nancey Murphy on nonreductive physicalism and Kevin Corcoran on the constitution view of persons.