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  • How to Understand Your Bible

    How to Understand Your Bible

    by T. Norton Sterrett and Richard L. Schultz

    Have you ever felt like you can't make sense out of the Bible but wished you could? Then this book is for you. Starting from scratch, Norton Sterrett presents the general rules for reading the Bible's ordinary language and moves on to specific principles that apply to special types of language such as parables, figures of speech, Hebrew poetry and symbols.

  • The Message of Psalms 1-72

    The Message of Psalms 1–72

    Songs for the People of God

    The Bible Speaks Today Series

    by Michael Wilcock

    In the first volume of Michael Wilcock's two-part "travel guide" to the Psalms, he shows how the artful arrangement of these laments, praises, hymns and liturgies offers insights into their use, message and significance for God's people today.

  • The Disruption of Evangelicalism

    The Disruption of Evangelicalism

    The Age of Torrey, Mott, McPherson and Hammond

    History of Evangelicalism Series

    by Geoffrey R. Treloar

    This is the first comprehensive account of the evangelical tradition across the English-speaking world from the 1900s to the 1940s. Examining primary sources and covering a range of key topics, issues, trends, events, and figures from the era, Geoffrey Treloar illustrates the differing responses of evangelicals to the demands of a critical and transitional period.

  • 2 Corinthians

    2 Corinthians

    Finding Strength in Weakness

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by Paul Stevens

    In this eleven-session LifeGuide® Bible Study, Paul Stevens introduces you to the apostle Paul and his radical reliance on a God who can turn even human weakness into divine strength.

    Number of Studies: 11

  • The Cross

    The Cross

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by John Stott
    With Dale Larsen and Sandy Larsen

    John Stott presents Bible studies based on his book The Cross of Christ on the meaning and purpose of the cross in our lives. These thirteen-session LifeGuide® Bible Study provide the ever-increasing understanding of the cross needed by every believer.

    Number of Studies: 13

  • Advent of the Savior

    Advent of the Savior

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    Edited by Cindy Bunch

    This six-session LifeGuide® Bible Study will introduce you to the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus, remind you of God's faithfulness and power to fulfill his promises, and draw you more deeply into the love that brought Christ to earth.

    Number of Studies: 6

  • Grief


    God's Help in Times of Sorrow

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by Cathy Gardner Maddams and James W. Reapsome

    Whether you're supporting a grieving friend or mourning a loss of your own, these nine-session LifeGuide® Bible Study from Psalms will lead you to the arms of our compassionate God, who weeps with us, listens to our cries and understands our pain.

    Number of Studies: 9

  • Waiting for God

    Waiting for God

    LifeGuide Bible Studies

    by Juanita Ryan

    These eight-session LifeGuide® Bible Study by Juanita Ryan help you draw near to God in times of uncertainty and postponement. As she leads you and your group through significant moments of waiting in Scripture, you will become familiar with the dynamics of such times and learn to hear God?s call to rest in his timing.

    Number of Studies: 8

  • Know What You Believe

    Know What You Believe

    by Paul E. Little
    Foreword by James F. Nyquist

    What does Christianity have to do with anything? What does the Christian faith teach about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? With these and other core questions, bestselling author Paul Little explains ten bottom-line truths of Christianity to help you understand what God has done to bring us into a relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

    Number of Studies: 10

  • Ancient Christian Devotional

    Ancient Christian Devotional

    Lectionary Cycle C

    Ancient Christian Devotional Set

    Edited by Cindy Crosby
    General Editor Thomas C. Oden

    A follow-up to the previous Ancient Christian Devotional, which follows lectionary cycle A, this devotional guide follows lectionary cycle C, which begins in Advent 2009. This guide to prayer and reflection combines excerpts from the writings of the church fathers as found in the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture with a simple structure for daily or weekly reading and prayer.