Two Steps Forward Study Guide, By Sharon Garlough Brown alt

Two Steps Forward Study Guide

Sensible Shoes Series

by Sharon Garlough Brown

Two Steps Forward Study Guide
  • Length: 64 pages
  • Published: March 05, 2019
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 7033
  • ISBN: 9780830870332

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The women of Sensible Shoes encounter new adventures and roadblocks in their spiritual journeys in Two Steps Forward. With this study guide, you can explore your own next steps as you dive into the book's spiritual formation themes along with Mara, Meg, Hannah, and Charissa.

In this eight-week study guide you'll find daily Scripture readings, reflection questions, and spiritual practices designed to help you be attentive to the invitations of the Holy Spirit. Each week concludes with discussion questions and suggested practices for reading groups to do together. Individually or with a group, you are invited to meet with God and find encouragement for the path ahead.

"My own heart has been enlarged for more of Jesus as a result of Two Steps Forward!"

Marilyn Hontz, author of Listening for God

"I couldn't wait to dive again into the lives of the four friends I got to know in Sensible Shoes. I was not disappointed as I laughed, cried, and thanked God for the sisters in my own life walking the journey with me."

Anita Lustrea, Midday Connection

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Week One: Prologue and Chapters One and Two
Week One Group Discussion
Week Two: Chapters Three and Four
Week Two Group Discussion
Week Three: Chapters Five and Six
Week Three Group Discussion
Week Four: Chapters Seven and Eight
Week Four Group Discussion
Week Five: Chapter Nine
Week Five Group Discussion
Week Six: Chapter Ten
Week Six Group Discussion
Week Seven: Chapter Eleven
Week Seven Group Discussion
Week Eight: Chapter Twelve
Week Eight Group Discussion


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Sharon Garlough Brown

Sharon Garlough Brown is a spiritual director, speaker, and author of the bestselling Sensible Shoes series, which includes spiritual formation novels Sensible Shoes, Two Steps Forward, Barefoot, An Extra Mile, and their study guides. She and her husband, Jack, live near castles and the North Sea in Scotland. This is her first children's book.