The Transformation of a Man's Heart

The Transformation of a Man's Heart

Reflections on the Masculine Journey

Edited by Stephen W. Smith

The Transformation of a Man's Heart
  • Length: 197 pages
  • Published: May 17, 2006
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  • ISBN: 978-0-8308-2145-7
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Life is many things, but it is definitely not a flow chart. We prove it every day. We deeply long for change, but formulas and seminars don't get it done. The good news is, God is at work across the life span, encouraging us and empowering us to overcome the hurdles of our past, the challenges of our present and the fears of our future.

The Transformation of a Man's Heart is a book of stories: twelve men write from their hearts about their own journey toward transformation.

Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, shares his journey toward experiencing a transformed marriage with his wife.

Ross Campbell, Christian psychiatrist and author of How to Really Love Your Child, discusses his heart's transformation in growing as a father with his children.

Gordon Dalbey pioneered the men's movement in his Healing the Masculine Soul. Here he shares how our past must be transformed in order to experience all God has for us as men.

James Houston, mentor and friend to many Christian leaders throughout the world, considers how his own journey toward transformation reflects the call God places on every man's heart.

These and other leading men in their fields come alongside you in The Transformation of a Man's Heart, telling you their stories and pointing you toward the God who in the beginning wrote every man a happy ending.

"This book is full of stories. Some will make you think. Others will make you cry. Still others will make you kneel. All will make you want to be a better man." (From the foreword by Ken Gire, author of The Divine Embrace.)

"The Transformation of a Man's Heart is a fantastic book of powerful messages, communicated with great effectiveness. This is a book for those who long to change--both in heart and in character--and know that lasting change doesn't come easy. I so appreciated the honesty from this group of men, and they have become 'accountability partners' for me, encouraging deeper intimacy with God and my family. It will deepen your understanding, enrich your faith, and guide you through the transformational changes you will want to make."

Lieutenant General R. L. VanAntwerp, U.S. Army

"Some books are compendiums of knowledge, holding promise to teach us, and these are good. Others, a rare few, are crucibles of wisdom, brimming with power to change us, and these are best. This is such a book. Steve Smith has gathered a company of warriors and sages, wounded healers all, to distill their hard-won insights about things human and things divine, and then pass it on to us. My only caution: if you're happy skimming the surface of your own life, content with dabbling in the shallows, don't read it. It's bent on taking you deep."

Mark Buchanan, author of The Rest of God

"Finally, someone has written a book that deals with the 'real' issues that men face. The Transformation of a Man's Heart is not just another men's 'how to' book but rather a book that deals with who men are at their core and what transformation looks like from the inside out. This book is a great read for men individually and will be a wonderful tool for men to go through in a small group. If you are a man, then this is a must read."

Steve Sonderman, Associate Pastor of Men's Ministry at Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, Wisconsin, and Founder, Top Gun Ministries

"As a connoisseur of men's books, I have never seen a better collection of insights and encouragement by men, for men. It's full of straight talk about the real stuff. For anyone who ponders the uniqueness of a man's experience of life, this is a must-read book."

Paula Rinehart, author, Strong Women, Soft Hearts

"Warning to men who may read this: Enter into the pages of this book only if you are willing to have your heart transformed and begin to become the man that God has created you to be."

Dr. Chuck Stecker, President/Founder, A Chosen Generation


Foreword, by Ken Gire

1. Transformation: Understanding the Process, by Stephen W. Smith
2. The Spiritual Journey: Embracing Transformation, by Howard Baker

3. Intimacy with God: Growing Through the Years, by Doug Stewart
4. The Past: Healing from the Wounds, by Gordon Dalbey
5. Failure: Exploring the Benefits, by Bob Fryling
6. Vocation: Listening for the Voice That Calls Us, by Fil Anderson

7. Friendships: Experiencing Others on the Journey, by David Benner
8. Sex: Learning to Tell Our Sexual Story, by John Pierce
9. Marriage: Loving the Heart of a Woman, by Gary Chapman
10. Parenting: Being Like Jesus to Our Children, by D. Ross Campbell

11. Legacy: Investing in the Future, by Craig Glass
12. Transformation Across the Lifespan: One Man's Journey, by James Houston


Stephen W. Smith

Stephen W. Smith is the cofounder and president of The Potter's Inn, a spiritual formation ministry dedicated to the care of leaders in the marketplace and in ministry. He has pastored churches in Kentucky, North Carolina, and the Netherlands, and is the author of The Lazarus Life, Soul Custody, and Embracing Soul Care: Making Space for What Matters Most. Steve and his wife, Gwen, serve as spiritual directors and retreat leaders with Potter's Inn and previously they lived overseas in Europe planting churches before the fall of Communism.