The Message of Philippians, By J. Alec Motyer alt

The Message of Philippians

The Bible Speaks Today Series

Revised Edition

by J. Alec Motyer

The Message of Philippians
  • Length: 232 pages
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  • Published: November 24, 2020
  • Imprint: IVP Academic
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  • ISBN: 9780830819201

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Paul wrote his letter to the Philippians while he was in prison, but it contains no hint of self-pity. Instead, the letter radiates joy—joy that Christ was proclaimed, joy in fellowship with the Philippian Christians, and above all, joy in Jesus himself.

In this Bible Speaks Today volume, J. A. Motyer identifies three major themes that filled Paul's heart and mind as he wrote: the unity of the church, the person of Jesus and what he has achieved, and the call to live a life worthy of the gospel. Guiding readers passage by passage through Philippians, Motyer provides helpful background, highlights key themes, and offers applications for Christians today.

This new edition of a classic BST volume includes a new interior design, lightly updated language, and updated Scripture quotations throughout.


General preface
Author’s preface
Introduction: Paul and Philippi
1. The Christian defined (1:1–2)
2. Leaders alongside (1:1–2)
3. Assurance (1:3–7)
4. Growing for glory (1:8–11)
5. Yesterday, today and for ever (1:12–26)
6. Suffering (1:13–14)
7. Divisions (1:15–18)
8. Looking forward (1:19–26)
9. The steadfast church (1:27–30)
10. The worthy life (2:1–4)
11. The mind of Christ (2:5–8)
12. Responses, divine and human (2:9–11)
13. Working it out (2:12–18)
14. Model Christians (2:19–30)
15. Anger and joy (3:1–3)
16. Profit and loss (3:4–8)
17. Satisfied (3:9–12)
18. On to maturity (3:13–16)
19. Enemies of the cross (3:17–19)
20. Christ our Hope (3:20–21) 155
21. Meanwhile (4:1–3)
22. The peace of God and the God of peace (4:4–9)
23. The contented Christian (4:10–20)
24. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ (4:21–23)
Appendix: Where Paul wrote Philippians
Study guide


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J. Alec Motyer

J. Alec Motyer (1924–2016) was a renowned Old Testament pastor and scholar. With extensive experience in parish ministry, he was principal of Trinity College in Bristol, England, and was well known as a Bible expositor. His books include The Prophecy of Isaiah, and he was the Old Testament editor of The Bible Speaks Today series.

Read about his legacy in this article in memoriam from the Gospel Coalition.