The Great Quest: Invitation to an Examined Life and a Sure Path to Meaning, By Os Guinness alt

The Great Quest

Invitation to an Examined Life and a Sure Path to Meaning

by Os Guinness

The Great Quest
  • Length: 132 pages
  • Published: March 22, 2022
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: A0425
  • ISBN: 9781514004258

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"The unexamined life is not worth living." —Socrates

What is life all about? What are we here for? Is there any meaning or purpose to our existence? Thinkers throughout the centuries have pondered these questions. While the distractions of the modern world prevent many from grappling seriously with such matters, the truth is that humans cannot live without meaning any more than we can live without breathing or eating.

Os Guinness invites us to examine our lives and join the great quest for meaning and a life well lived. For those who are up to Socrates' challenge, it is a search that is indispensable to making the most of life. Guinness charts the course of the thinking person's journey toward faith and meaning, calling for a firm grasp of reason, an honest awareness of conscience, and a living sense of wonder. He affirms that there is a time for questions, and that following those questions can indeed lead us to answers, evidence, and commitment.

When life becomes a question, the search is on for an answer. Come find yourself on a sure path to meaning.

"This slim volume is a masterpiece. Guinness brings a breathtaking range of thought—to aim at the key question of life: What is the meaning of life, and how do we, individually, determine it? This is a summa and a gift to questing souls of all persuasions."

Shelby Coffey, former editor of the Los Angeles Times

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1. Invitation to an Examined Life
2. Launch Out for Yourself
3. An Adventure More Than an Argument
4. It All Begins with a Question: Phase One—A Time for Questions
5. Jump-Starting the Journey: Phase Two—A Time for Answers
6. A World of Difference: Phase Three—A Time for Evidences
7. Checking It Out: Phase Four—A Time for Commitment
8. The Step Toward Home
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Os Guinness (DPhil, Oxford) is the author or editor of more than thirty-five books, including The Dust of Death, The Call, Fool's Talk, Carpe Diem Redeemed, The Magna Carta of Humanity, Impossible People, Unspeakable, and Time for Truth. He is the founder of the Trinity Forum, a prominent social critic, and a frequent speaker who has addressed audiences worldwide.