Faith Changing Culture

What does it look like to disrupt the church and world as we know it?

Heading into its third season, The Disrupters podcast from IVP features stories of positive disruption from both emerging and trusted voices within Christianity. These authors, pastors, scholars, actors, directors, and business leaders tell their honest stories about the experiences that have challenged their thinking about faith, the church, and their calling in life.  


About The Disrupters Podcast

With the return of Nancy Wang Yuen for Season 4 of The Disrupters, IVP benefits from a successful host series pivot. In season 3, Yuen shifted focus from a negative disruption of the evangelical church to a more positive posture of disruption of the secular workplace. By speaking with guests who were actively living out their faith in places of cultural importance, this season demonstrated how faith can be lived out in peaceable, but nonetheless disruptive ways to improve the world.

Seasons 1 and 2, hosted by Bible scholar Esau McCaulley, featured guests like Lecrae, Taylor Schumann, David Swanson, Justin Giboney, Beth Moore, Robert Chao Romero, who shared about their disruptive experiences within evangelical spaces.

Season 3 asked the question: Is it possible to be a faithful Christian in face of overwhelming problems such as racism and sexism within the U.S. church? Season 4 follows up an affirmative answer with a simple follow-up question: How? Through both her life experiences and interviews, Yuen will explore the nature of Christian spirituality in the real world. Guests will include people with experience, insights, and advice in doing just that.

You can read more about The Disrupters in IVP's press release.

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