Looking for trustworthy, thought-provoking, and insightful resources to help your study of the Bible? Whether you are a pastor, student, professor, or just simply a Bible nerd, these books will enrich your study and give you fresh insight into Scripture.

Here, you'll find books on hermeneutics and exegesis to guide your methods of interpretation as well as resources on the ancient cultures and societies within which the Scriptures were written. You'll also find titles that touch every book of the Bible, so you'll never be left without the resources you need.

Browse books on the Old Testament and New Testament, or get more granular by browing by section: Pentateuch, Historical Books, Poetry and Wisdom Literature, the Prophetic Books, The Gospels & Acts, and Pauline Studies.

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Paul Little
6 Sessions
John Stott
6 Sessions
Robert Boyd Munger
6 Sessions
Charles Hummel
6 Sessions
David Wenham
Tremper Longman III
William A. Dyrness
Edited by Thomas C. Oden
Edited by Thomas C. Oden
Edited by Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung