Strength in Weakness: Healing Sexual and Relational Brokenness, By Andrew Comiskey alt

Strength in Weakness

Healing Sexual and Relational Brokenness

by Andrew Comiskey

Strength in Weakness
  • Length: 224 pages
  • Published: August 20, 2009
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 7705
  • ISBN: 9780830877058

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Help and hope for men . . .

  • undermined by silent fathers
  • harassed by pornography and sexual temptation
  • afraid of failing those they love most
  • angered by past relationships with women

Help and hope for women . . .

  • lost in their relationships with others
  • betrayed by fathers, husbands or male leaders
  • wounded by sexual assault
  • paralyzed by self-hatred

Andrew Comiskey sees our weakness as "a threshold for holy power"--the point at which God can meet us for healing and equip us for service. He has seen it happen again and again. During many years of ministry, Comiskey, his wife, Annette, and their fellow "strugglers" have accompanied hundreds of wounded men and women to transformation at the cross of Christ.

Telling real-life stories of despair, hope and lasting change, Comiskey lays out the foundations for healing from relational and sexual sin. With chapters focusing on particular areas of vulnerability for men and women, on the battle over homosexuality in church and culture, and on the essential role of the church in ongoing healing, Strength in Weakness makes clear the way to the cross--God's sufficient answer to our deepest needs.

"That strength can be found in my weaknesses is something I have always known but never fully understood. Using his deep spiritual insights and his wonderful gifts as a writer, Comiskey has opened up my heart to the real meaning of this truth."

Alan Medinger, Author of Growth into Manhood

"Reading this amazing book, I was reminded of a citrus farmer who showed me how a tree becomes root-bound and the roots wind around and grow inward, actually strangling the tree. Andrew Comiskey untangles the roots of our most complex relationships and plants us firmly in the cross."

Carol Wimber

"Strength in Weakness makes it clear that what God gives to the weak really is strength and not weakness. We are enabled to be 'strong in the Lord and in the power of his might,' as Paul said. And we can learn to negotiate the intricacies of fantasy, feeling and context in such a way that we do walk in holiness and power wherever we are. These are universal lessons of the way of Christ, no matter what one's personal history may be."

Dallas Willard

"Using Genesis 3:1, Comiskey shows how sin leads to an alienation of man from woman and woman from man, with all its disastrous consequences for family and children. Comiskey shows how important it is for a man to be truly masculine and a woman to be truly feminine, and for each to complement the other. While sin destroys the harmony that ought to exist between man and woman, Christ rescues man and woman from isolation by becoming the bond between them, prompting each to be reconciled with the other."

Rev. John F. Harvey, OSFS, Director of Courage

"In this honest book, Comiskey reveals that setbacks and temptations and are inevitable stumbling blocks along the long, difficult road to gender wholeness. This is true for anyone seeking release from any deep-seated psychological condition or behavioral pattern--substance addiction, depression, feelings of worthlessness or the struggle against unwanted attractions. Yet it is often the wounded healers--when they are open about the frailty that often attends victory--who go on to live the boldest and most victorious lives. I highly recommend this book."

Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D.

"With his characteristic candor and clarity, Andrew Comiskey leads us through his own journey toward sexual completeness and spiritual wholeness. His theological insights regarding human sexuality and relational authenticity are biblically based and practically applied. There is a profound spiritual depth to this book that dares to recognize the toxic nature of sin in order to release the healing power of grace. As we experience healing and completeness as sexual persons, we discover wholeness and health as spiritual persons. Reading this book is to be led by the Good Shepherd beside still waters and discover the power of the One who 'restores my soul.' "

Ray S. Anderson, Senior Professor of Theology and Ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary


1. God's Image in Humanity
2. Facing the Broken Image
3. Strength to Love Well
4. Strength to Leave Shame Behind
5. Strength to Overcome Sin
6. Wounds That Heal
7. Men at the Cross
8. Women at the Cross
9. Homosexuality and the Cross
10. The Church at the Cross


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Andrew Comiskey

Andy Comiskey (M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary) is the founder and director of Desert Stream Ministries. He previously served as pastor at several Vineyard churches. His books include Pursuing Sexual Wholeness and Strength in Weakness.