Seeking God Together: An Introduction to Group Spiritual Direction, By Alice Fryling alt

Seeking God Together

An Introduction to Group Spiritual Direction

by Alice Fryling

Seeking God Together
  • Length: 152 pages
  • Published: October 20, 2009
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 7815
  • ISBN: 9780830878154

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The Spirit is speaking. Can you hear him?

If you're longing to become more attentive to God--to listen to him, know his voice and experience his love, spiritual direction can point the way.

In Seeking God Together, experienced spiritual director Alice Fryling offers a unique introduction specifically for group spiritual direction: a place where individuals can experience what it means to be listened to and loved by others, so that they can learn to listen more attentively to God in their daily lives and be used by God.

Out of her years of being both director and directee, Fryling offers practical, step-by-step guidance for those who would like to start, lead or participate in group spiritual direction. Her book will help you know what to expect and fully equip you for the different aspects of the group experience, including learning to listen to God, using Scripture in a group, navigating different personalities, setting group expectations and asking life-giving questions. She also provides an appendix with opening exercises for use in your meetings together.

"The intentional goal of group spiritual direction," Alice writes, "is to help each participant become more aware of God in their lives, for the sake of others. Spiritual direction leads you to an awakening of the soul." The Spirit is speaking to you and to others. Here is a book to help you and a group of soul friends listen for and with each other as you seek God together.

"Best basic handbook on group spiritual direction I have seen. I plan to recommend it to the leaders of our Mentoring Community."

Leighton Ford, author of The Attentive Life

With a rich resource like Seeking God Together so readily available for those desiring to learn more about this rediscovered ministry, it can only be hoped that Fryling's book will help to inspire and encourage others to explore this way of gathering in God's name.

Catherine Looker, Journal of Spiritual Formation Soul Care, Fall 2009

Fryling speaks words of life in this book and gives instruction on how to listen to God. A must-read for anyone wanting to wrap his or her mind and heart around listening prayer and the practice of seeking spiritual direction. Read this, and read it slowly, allowing God to shape you in the process.

Alan Briggs, YouthWorker Journal, May/June 2009

A good book for anyone (especially someone with no experience) interested in starting a small group and offers several excellent ideas, including formats and questions, to facilitate the process.

Grant F. C. Gillard, YouthWorker Journal, March/April 2009

"This is the best account of group direction in print."

Pat Hendricks in The Active Contemplative, Winter 2009


1. A First Look at Spiritual Direction
2. Companions on the Journey
3. Group Spiritual Direction
4. The Power of Listening
5. Asking Life-Giving Questions
6. Exploring Thoughts and Feelings
7. Meditating on Scripture Together
8. Sin, Conviction and Confession
9. Sharing the Journey of Prayer
10. Temperament and How We Communicate
11. Discernment Among Friends
12. Troubleshooting Problems in Group Spiritual Direction
13. Getting Started
Appendix 1: Suggested Format for Group Spiritual Direction
Appendix 2: Guided Meditations and Other Beginnings
Appendix 3: Discussion Guide for Seeking God Together
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Alice Fryling

Alice Fryling is a spiritual director and the author of nine books, including Seeking God Together: An Introduction to Group Spiritual Direction. She has been giving Enneagram workshops for fifteen years, teaching participants how to use the Enneagram to know God and themselves more deeply. She and her husband have two married daughters and four grandchildren.