Sanctuary of the Soul: Journey into Meditative Prayer, By Richard J. Foster alt

Sanctuary of the Soul

Journey into Meditative Prayer

by Richard J. Foster

Sanctuary of the Soul
  • Length: 165 pages
  • Published: July 11, 2011
  • Imprint: IVP Formatio
  • Item Code: 6903
  • ISBN: 9780830869039

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"At the very heart of God is the passionate disposition to be in loving fellowship with you. . . . From the human side of this equation it is meditative prayer that ushers us into this divine-human fellowship."

Richard Foster, bestselling author and founder of Renovaré, writes these words as one who has experienced what they describe. And in this new book he will beautifully guide you in this transformational way, that you might come to know deeper fellowship with God.

Weaving together quotes and stories from the lives of mothers and fathers of the faith as well as powerful encounters with God from his own life, Foster describes the riches of quieting your mind and heart in order to listen to and obey God more closely. Along the way, at perhaps his clearest, most practical best, he also provides the biblical teaching and step-by-step help you need to begin this prayer practice for yourself.

The journey into meditative prayer is not easy, but it is essential. And, as Foster shows, it's possible, even in the midst of the noisy, often chaotic world we live in. Your soul can become a sanctuary where you fellowship with the very God of the universe, who knows you and loves you deeply. These pages point the way.

"This is Richard Foster at his best--describing the inner life with clarity and wisdom gained from his own experience. The content of this book, as experienced through his teaching, changed my life thirty years ago, opening me to a real, vibrant relationship with God through silence and listening. Over time this teaching has matured, and is destined to become a classic. If you want to experience an intimate relationship with God, simply read this book and put it into practice. Heaven awaits!"

James Bryan Smith, author, The Good and Beautiful God

"Full of depth and substance, Foster's writing on meditative prayer is a winsome invitation to intimacy with God that engages us at every level of our being."

Ruth Haley Barton, founder, Transforming Center, and author of Sacred Rhythms

"Richard Foster diagnoses this generation's major threat to the mature life in Christ as distraction. In response he does again what he does so well: tunnels to the roots of our deep-rooted ancestors and makes us firsthand participants in the church's practice of a life of meditative prayer."

Eugene H. Peterson, translator of The Message

"This is a very useful guide that should be beneficial to those new to the practice as well as those who are familiar with this approach to prayer. . . . His passion for this practice, and for the teachers who have shared their experiential wisdom, makes this a highly enjoyable read."

Lisa Rand, Friends Journal, August 2012

"One can pick up books on prayer at the local supermarket that promise a richer, deeper and more spiritual life - all in 29 days! They are all bogus, along with many other popular books on prayer. Leave them on the shelves and read this one."

Roy W. Howard, Presbyterian Outlook, January 9, 2012

"You can only read so much elegant prose inviting you to pray before you feel guilty for not actually praying. Richard Foster notes this difficulty, quoting Thomas Merton: 'You cannot learn meditation from a book. You just have to meditate.' True enough, but good books help, and Sanctuary of the Soul is a good one."

Jason Byassee, Books Culture, January/February 2012

"This book demonstrates why meditative prayer is one of the church's most precious assets in this moment of widespread distraction."

Just Between Us, Winter 2011

"[Foster's] quiet writing style models the listening stillness he wishes to impart. Amid many books on meditative prayer, Foster's stands out for its clarity, simplicity, and focus."

Publisher's Weekly, August 8, 2011

"Foster's writing is lyrical, his advice sensible, his encouragement profound as he urges Christians to tap into the 'listening side' of the 'interactive communication that transpires between God and ourselves.' Those who follow Jesus can only benefit from Foster's newest book."

Ann E. Byle, Christian Retailing, September 2011


A Beginning Word

Part One: Laying the Foundation
1 God Speaking, Teaching and Acting
2 A Familiar Friendship with Jesus
3 Descending with the Mind into the Heart
Entering the Experience: Worship at Quaker Meadow

Part Two: Stepping into Meditative Prayer
4 Being Present Where We Are
5 Beholding the Lord
6 An Inward Attentiveness
Entering the Experience: Trek to Cuthbert?s Cave

Part Three: Dealing with Everyday Difficulties
7 Wandering Minds
8 Like a Roaring Lion
9 A Potpourri of Questions
Entering the Experience: Encounter at Jalama Beach

A Concluding Word
Resource Books for Your Journey


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Richard J. Foster

Richard J. Foster is founder of Renovaré. He is the author of several books, including Streams of Living Water, Prayer, Freedom of Simplicity, Sanctuary of the Soul, and Celebration of Discipline, which has sold over two million copies worldwide; he is coauthor (with Gayle Beebe) of Longing for God. He and his wife, Carolynn, make their home near Denver, Colorado.