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An Introduction and Commentary

Tyndale New Testament Commentaries

by Eckhard J. Schnabel

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  • Published: June 06, 2017
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Mark wrote his Gospel to explain why and how Jesus is the Messiah and Son of God who fulfills God's promises as he proclaims and embodies the coming kingdom of God. Mark emphasizes Jesus' authority and also his suffering and death as God's will for his messianic mission.

This Tyndale New Testament commentary from Eckhard Schnabel seeks to help today's Christian disciples communicate the significance of Jesus and the transforming power of the good news. An exegetical commentary on the Gospel of Mark, this volume will be useful for preachers, Bible teachers, and non-specialists alike.


General preface
Author's preface
Select bibliography
1. Mark among the Gospels
2. Characteristics of Mark's Gospel
3. The origin of Mark's Gospel
4. Theological emphases
5. The structure of Mark's Gospel

Eckhard J. Schnabel

Eckhard J. Schnabel (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is Mary F. Rockefeller Distinguished Professor of New Testament Studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has taught previously at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, Illinois), Freie Theologische Akademie (Giessen, Germany), and Asian Theological Seminary (Manila, Philippines). His books include Paul the Missionary and Jesus in Jerusalem: The Final Days.