Loving the Church . . . Blessing the Nations: Pursuing the Role of Local Churches in Global Mission, By George Miley

Loving the Church . . . Blessing the Nations

Pursuing the Role of Local Churches in Global Mission

by George Miley

Loving the Church . . . Blessing the Nations
  • Length: 221 pages
  • Published: November 02, 2005
  • Imprint: IVP
  • Item Code: 5699
  • ISBN: 9780830856992

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Rediscovering the role God designed for the church in mission is a critical issue facing the missions movement today. That role is to glorify God by planting churches among every tongue, tribe, and nation. Planting churches amid unreached peoples is a complex process. It calls forth every ministry gift and the contribution of every believer.

Imagine a businessman, a construction worker, a schoolteacher, and an engineer all working together to support the development of a local church amongst an unreached people group in another part of the world. Most Christians will not leave home and go elsewhere to minister. If they are to participate in God's global mission, they must be affirmed, developed and released right where they live, in the context of their local church. This book shows how churches can become centers of mission vision and implementation and so accomplish God's design for the local church.

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George Miley spent 20 years as a missionary—5 years in India and 15 years as the Managing Director of the OM Ships Logos and Doulos. During this period he served among unreached peoples and local churches in over 100 countries on five continents. He and his wife Hanna founded Antioch Network, a growing international network of local churches aimed at pursuing the God-designed role of discipling all nations on earth, through church planting.